In the future I’ll get stuff done. SamB 02 Jan 2006

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Rob Poitras 02 Jan 06

I love it, this is my favorite picture so far. Perfect timing!

christopher 02 Jan 06

And the future is NOW! thanks again for the reminder that i need to get that list completed before 10 am tonight.

christopher 02 Jan 06

And the future is NOW! thanks again for the reminder that i need to get that list completed before tonight.

Anonymous 02 Jan 06

I don’t get it. Why are you guys making such a big deal out of these? They’re just a bunch of badly designed comics!

MH 02 Jan 06

Anonymous: You’re confusing design with implementation. :)

Jim Jeffers 02 Jan 06

You just illustrated my new years resolution for 2006!

Adam James 02 Jan 06

I think this is something we all go around saying too much.. especially nice to see around New Years.

So is there any point in letting Anonymous comments stay up? They are always negative and poorly put together.

Anonymous 02 Jan 06

Sorry, the comment was not meant to be negative, I’m just seriously curious! And please, if there is a better way to put that question together, show me. I’m welcome to suggestions! :)

Marlun 02 Jan 06

Anonymous, I new here so I might be wrong but I guess it’s more about the surrounding idea and not so much about the quality of the graphics :)

Rabbit 02 Jan 06

On the note about the “quality” of graphics, I’ve developed the mindset that the graphic above is not better or worse than any other graphic - it’s simply a style.

Just like brand name cereal vs. off-brand cereal. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, they just taste different. I’d be willing to wager that if you grew up on Fruity Hops, Fruit Loops might taste off the first time around.

I could give numerous examples like the one above, but I trust everyone gets my point. :)

Bob 02 Jan 06

@ Rabbit. Then why even bother to study design or hire a designer? I mean, hey, why use Basecamp over any other app? Is it all about feelin’ good about your own feelings and not ranking anyone, which ruffles feathers?

There are lots of mediocre designers. There are a few good designers. There are fewer great designers. Their work can be compared and objectively rated as poor or good. Thinking that all design (“graphics”) are subject to reader-response theory is false.

RyanA 02 Jan 06

In the future I’ll get stuff done, too!

But right now, I’m going to keep procrastinating… :D

Adam James 02 Jan 06

I was trying to comment about negativity and I came off as negative. Sorry! Didn’t mean it..

You can tell when a “good” artist is drawing crudely and when someone is just doodling. The In the Future graphics have a unique style to them, I think it makes them more interesting. I enjoy that they are a little ambiguous too, I think you can use them to jog your own thoughts and memories, like my thoughts on how I procrastinate too much.

Luke P 03 Jan 06

Great one Sam… keep ‘em coming.

indi 03 Jan 06

Good choice for the new year. Love the style too … and yes it’s a definite style, not poorly implemented graphics. It’s the almost misleading simplicity that catches my eye.

Happy New Year All :-)

jacob 03 Jan 06

I liked the picture. I’ll email this to my friend coz he really needs to get all the stuff done. :)

Paul 03 Jan 06

Hehe, that’s great. Procrastination is a bitch.

Andrea 03 Jan 06

I haven’t read any interpretation in other posts.

I guess: in the future I’ll get stuff done because the machine will do that staff for me. That’s the only way to be sure that stuff will be done: if it’s not my decision and if it’s not a decision at all. Do you agree?

Robin Pelham 03 Jan 06

I’ve been saying that a lot lately.

Steve Akers 03 Jan 06

Anonymous said: “Sorry, the comment was not meant to be negative, Iím just seriously curious! And please, if there is a better way to put that question together, show me. Iím welcome to suggestions! :)”

Here is a suggestion on how to put the question together: “Everyone seems to really love these drawings. What is it about them that you like the best?”

See how this is positive and yet would elicit the information you want? There is no need for you to tell people that you don’t like them. And there is *especially* no need to tell people that you think they are badly designed.

For me, it’s the simplicity. Sam manages to convey a lot of emotion with very basic stick figures… amazing!!

Michael Spina 03 Jan 06

That one’s my favorite! I like the smug look on squiggle man’s face as he churns out piles of questionable accomplishments.

indi 03 Jan 06

Andrea, I see the red boxes as units of work (or accomplishment) piling up while our hero stands idly by daydreaming.

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