In the future my mistakes will stop haunting me SamB 29 Nov 2005

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ted 29 Nov 05

unsubscribe, quick

A Arp 29 Nov 05

Heh, I’ve seen this artist before. Who is it again?

Melanie 29 Nov 05

Peter Cooper 29 Nov 05

Sam something or other.. and considering this poster is SamB, and I don’t recall seeing that poster on here before, perhaps it’s Sam B :)

Aaron 29 Nov 05

In the future cars will swim

iain 29 Nov 05

wow. quoted on SvN _and_ drawn by Sam.

It is to have one’s day made.

Cameron Moll 29 Nov 05

Unsubscribe? Are you kidding? A pleasure to see Sam’s work here. And anywhere else for that matter.

Ara Pehlivanian 29 Nov 05

Hey, who couldn’t do with a couple more arms. Even if one of them has a jalape´┐Żo for a hand.

Don Wilson 29 Nov 05

I’m guessing that he’s a chemist and his extra arms are his past mistake? :)

Mark Hurst 29 Nov 05

Go, Sam, go! We love Sam Brown and explodingdog here…

tim 29 Nov 05

Now I understand Jason…

@ ted, either this is (bad) humor or you’ve nothing to do here.
We appreciate Sam’s work and I find it pleasant to see new work on this site. It’s your right not to like it, it’s your right to say it, but damn do it on your own blog…

Keep it up Sam…

George 29 Nov 05

I turn 30 on Thursday, and I can’t convince myself that I wouldn’t be better off without this world and vice versa.

black 29 Nov 05

lol great toon, made my day

Jason 29 Nov 05

Great drawing.

iain 29 Nov 05

Oh, and it probably helped that I’ve recently read through almost all of the explodingdog archives. :)

DaveMo 29 Nov 05

In the future I’ll have more past.

crawler 29 Nov 05

In the future the lottery will be easier

Jason Beaird 29 Nov 05

Excellent work as always Sam! It’s funny, I haven’t been to explodingdog in a while and just stopped by there yesterday unbeknownst that you would be showing up at SvN.