In the future things will be simple SamB 07 Dec 2005

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i was down in miami for a couple days so i missed doing drawings monday and tuesday

if you missed the introduction, i am doing drawings based on titles beginning with the phrase “in the future”. if you have titles, questions or opinions leave them in the comments.

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in the future jetpacks for everyone

in the future i will draw better than a 3 year old

in the future my mistakes will stop haunting me

you can view more of my drawings at the explodingdog website

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Tumble 07 Dec 05

This reminds me of a trip not too long ago.
In a two floor motel, there was an elevator. It had buttons for floor 1 and floor 2. I always thought it would be better to have a button that just said ‘Go’.

Mark Gallagher 07 Dec 05

These are great.

Keep-em coming.

In the future my clone will become a pest.

Don Wilson 07 Dec 05

Why do your cartoons want me to play Stick Soldiers? (

Travholt 07 Dec 05

But if you turn the picture upside down, he’s hanging from the ceiling, pressing the big, red “ON” button. Not so simple anymore …

Vito 07 Dec 05

How is that not still simple? Obviously in the future he’s floating around, and wants to turn gravity back on.

Don Wilson 07 Dec 05

One could suggest that the “ON” button would be for gravity?

Sean Abrahams 07 Dec 05

In the future, is only a construct of the past.

Or, perhaps without the only…

In the future, is a construct of the past.

David P. 07 Dec 05

In the future I will learn to love

David P. 07 Dec 05

Oh whoa, somebody already suggested that.

In the future Santa will slide down virtual chimneys

Lisa 07 Dec 05


Anonymous Coward 07 Dec 05

In the future I’ll plan less

Dick Costolo 08 Dec 05

In the future, dying is easy

In the future, girls are pretty

In the future, rabbits are flat

Mathew Patterson 08 Dec 05

In the future, I will believe

Steve Akers 08 Dec 05

In the future, dogs will implode

In the future, I still won’t do what I put off today

In the future, we won’t need money

Vitaliy 08 Dec 05

Very GOOd and simple picture.

benw 08 Dec 05

in the future, there will be things we havent thought of yet

in the future, trees will get their own back

Ryan Ripley 08 Dec 05

in the future, ill miss the past…

in the future, ill focus on the present…

ales 19 Jun 06

fuck you future