in the future, we won’t need cables SamB 11 Jan 2006

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Noah Winecoff 11 Jan 06

Aww no more cans on a string then =/

benny 11 Jan 06

Yay!! Cable-less power transmission!!

gwg 11 Jan 06

In the future, we will all be mutants.

In the future, we will all have cancer.

In the future, gravity will be a user preference.

In the future, I will not need to blog.

In the future, my computer will own a me.

beto 11 Jan 06

I want my future right now.

(muttered over the last time I was strangled in lots of spaghetti wire behind my computer)

Andrew 11 Jan 06

In the future, face to face contact will be unnecessary :-(

Anshul 11 Jan 06

In the future, I will miss you

Jeff Atwood 11 Jan 06

I hate to be a downer, but this art is really not very good and worst of all, it’s totally gimmicky.

And yes, I’ve seen the original works on the artist’s website way before he started special guesting here.

Just my opinion. I wanted to say my piece after being subjected to these images in the feed for a while now. I’ll shaddup on this topic from now on.

Lisa 11 Jan 06

In the future, where will I plug in my stuff?

michael kinne 11 Jan 06

yes, please. i cannot wait for the day ;)

JS 11 Jan 06

That’s cool, Jeff. I guess it was important for you to say that.

I happen to love it. I am amazed that it is a graphic that looks like it could be made in MS Paint and it still carries so much weight. If I drew four circles and a line it would look like nothing. Here they are eyes and a mouth that communicate their meaning perfectly.

Thanks, Sam.

Steve Akers 11 Jan 06

In the future, people who don’t like explodingdog will keep it to themselves

Jay 11 Jan 06

In the future my phone is going to have a proper buttons and a curly cable (though without kinks). I can’t remember the last time I managed to have a phone conversation without the signal flopping, or with enough volume, or without wondering how you hang up.

Megan Holbrook 12 Jan 06

Traveling through Tanzania by bus about ten years ago, I was amazed at the lack of telecommunication cables and billboards along the roads, among other things that we take for granted as part of our landscape in the US. And they’ll never need to string those cables - they’ve gone directly to cellular systems. It was amazing how beautiful the country was without those technology artifacts…

Robert G 12 Jan 06

I think it would be funny if every comment section would have a default message at the top with every generic objection / critique / criticism someone might have, sort of like the final puzzle on Wheel of Fortune, where the most common letters are defaulted.

In the future, critics will be built right into the product.

Paul L 17 Jan 06

I need a wireless solution for my wife’s hair dryer. She leaves it on the floor and I shove it under the bed. I told her that my gift to mankind will be inventing a hair dryer w/o wires.

lostsurfer 25 Jan 06

There is nothing new, Tesla invented wireless ‘free to all power’ way back in the 1920’s to 30’s, Sadly his design was snatched by the US government after his death. It would not require any oil or gas turbine to produce it. Therefore it will never be released to the public..

Anselmo Graciani 28 Jan 06

In the future I will write more (& better) documentation.