Interface design tips that may be new to you 10 Mar 2005

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Here are some oldies but goodies from the archives that may be new to you.

The Yellow Fade Technique: highlight changes without getting in someone's way.

Epicenter Design: start from the inside out.

Context and Perspective: help people relate to objects they can't touch.

And of course Ryan's well traveled Introduction to Using Patterns in Web Design article.

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Nick 11 Mar 05

Reusability problem fixed…

Randy 14 Mar 05

Adam’s FAT doesn’t seem to work in Safari.

Adam Michela 14 Mar 05

Randy, yeah someone posted that over on my site too. I uhh, actually, uhh, don’t have a Mac ::duck::

So I’ve been unable to test, I only ass-umed it would be ok there. The script is using pretty standard W3C-DOM compliant ECMAScript… so there is no obvious reason it shouldn’t work. Do you get errors — or?

I’ll try and get a run through on Safari tonight and figure out what’s up. I’m sure its something small. Safari just loooves making life difficult for JavaScript developers.

I’ll keep ya posted…

Adam Michela 14 Mar 05

Vinu, nice work hooking that up! Fits even better in your app than it does my own!

Collective Prose is yet another beautiful example of a Ruby on Rails application.