Introducing Basecode for Basecamp 19 Apr 2005

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Spoiltchild Design introduces Basecode, a Firefox plug-in for Basecamp. Very cool.

Basecode is a simple to use Firefox browser extension designed to give easy access to the hidden formatting options available when posting messages and comments in Basecamp. Even better it adds a few extra features to Basecamp to make the day to day project management process even easier.

Well done guys. I’m impressed. Now there’s one more great reason for all you Basecampers to upgrade to Firefox.

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brian breslin 19 Apr 05

pretty neat little tool. was wondering what it did until i saw the right click function while adding messages to basecamp. the timelogging thing is great.
I think this is worth the small investment, especially if you are a heavy basecamp user.

Ian Soper 19 Apr 05

Yeah, it is really cool. What I especially like about this is it can give an inexperienced user the ability to create rich text in baescamp with out having to know the syntax…Now if we can just get those inexperienced people to download firefox, download this extension and actually use both.

John Zeratsky 19 Apr 05

I would switch to Firefox, if Safari wasn’t so much better. On Windows it’s another story… Firefox is far and away the best option, not to mention better than Firefox on Mac.

Looking forward to seeing Mozilla bring the Mac version of FF up to the same level as the Windows version.

seth 20 Apr 05

Seems like something that should be included in Basecamp, no? :)

James 20 Apr 05

Greasemonkey lets you execute arbitrary javascript on page load. I’m not sure this Basecode plug in could have been achieved with that. (I have no idea about the technology behind the plug-in, but I would hazard a guess it’s more complicated than some javascript trickery).

John Zeratsky 20 Apr 05

Yeah, how exactly does it add these extra features?

Aarron 21 Apr 05

If only I could it to work! Loading BaseCode screwed my version of Firefox (1.03) - Firefox opens, but no page is displayed.

Only by uninstalling basecode did I manage to get Firefox working again…Did this affect anyone else?

Alan 21 Apr 05

Hi Aarron,
I have sent you a mail there looking for more information on the bug and your setup. This is our first report of anything like this.

Alan / Basecode team

Alan 21 Apr 05

Thanks all for the nice comments and thanks Jason for mentioning this. Its been a pretty amazing launch. I am amazed at how many people bought it on the first day without waiting for the trial to expire.

We have identified one problem with a particular combination of OSX and Firefox versions but that has now been fixed and replaced the old file for download. If you were having problems please try again.

Thanks again guys.

Aarron 22 Apr 05

Alan - thanks for your emails regarding my bug.

I installed version 1.0.1 and it’s now working like a charm - I think this bug had more to do with my installation of Firefox, then with BaseCode.

Very useful.

Brady Joslin 22 Apr 05

Greasemonkey allows XmlHTTPRequests to occur accross domains. That means you are pretty much only limited by time and your creativity.

3stripe 13 Jul 06

If anyone knows of a Basecamp plugin for Safari, please drop me a line! Much needed :)