Introducing Vitamin RyanC 08 Jan 2006

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Vitamin is a brand new website from Carson Systems, aimed specifically at web developers, designers and entrepreneurs.

We’re going to be offering six different RSS feeds:

  1. Features
  2. Training (Podcast - We’ll offer sections of our Workshops for free)
  3. Reviews
  4. Interviews (Podcast)
  5. Events
  6. News

You’ll be able to come to the site to view all the content, or subscribe in your favourite RSS reader. All the content will be absolutely free.

We’re creating a Vitamin Advisory Board, comprised of 12 of the world’s most innovative and talented web professionals. The Vitamin Advisors will be writing Features on a monthly basis, which will be on a variety of topics, including CSS, Usability, Standards, PHP, Rails, AJAX, Accessibility, Business Tips, and much, much more.

If you want to be notified when we launch, sign up at

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Matt Lee 08 Jan 06

How Web 2.0 ;) - should be good.

Su 08 Jan 06

I’m confused by all the “we” above. Is that a quote, or is 37S directly behind it somehow? Just on the advisory board?

Jeff L 08 Jan 06

Sure, sounds interesting. I’d like to know who the twelve are. And if there will be an RSS feed that contains all of the above, so I don’t have to sign up for six different ones - that would be awfully annoying.

Anonymous Coward 08 Jan 06

Su - “We” is Ryan Carson and his company (RyanC wrote the post).

paul haine 08 Jan 06

You can tell it’s Web 2.0 because instead of telling us about it when it’s launched, they tell us about it before it’s launched and ask us to sign up to a mailing list that will then email us to tell us when it has launched. Naturally, this email will arrive long after we’ve seen a dozen blogs with ‘Vitamin: My First Impressions.’ posts.

Brandon 08 Jan 06

LOL Paul. If it weren’t coming from Carson Systems I’d think it was going to be vaporware… but considering the source I thin it’ll be a great site. Can’t wait until it launches!

ffreak 08 Jan 06

lol, Paul - excellent comment ;)

Matthew Baron 08 Jan 06

It would be very nice to know who the 12 columnists are.

Vishi 08 Jan 06

6 feeds are too many.

I can handle 2 feeds with a max of 2-3 posts/day.

Noah Winecoff 08 Jan 06

This sounds like it could be useful. I have a problem of not being able to “layout” the content in my sites. Creating the logo/basic design of the site is no problem, but getting the content laid out and displayed the way I want is the issue. Hopefully Vitamin will help with this.

I need an “easy” button OR better yet a “Web 2.0” button =B.

carlos moreno 08 Jan 06

Vishi: I agree with you…
One simple solution could be one “mega feed” with all those feeds mashed in to one.

I for one would want to keep up w/ site, but would only do so through, say, my google personalized page. …which is getting *WAY* too crowded at this point. To add even another 2 or 3 feeds to it for me would just be too much. ‘Might be OK to ad one.
But which one?
…at least with one �berFeed, i could follow everything and not have one site take up too many pixels on my browser’s home page.

Matt Todd 08 Jan 06

Noah: What the heck is an ‘easy’ or ‘web 2.0’ button?


BillSaysThis 08 Jan 06

Since this site will be content (vs. application) and free to all, why should anyone sign up to be notified rather than simply wait for the announcement here and elsewhere? I must be missing something.

Su 08 Jan 06

Ah, right. Sorry, I just don’t pay attention that closely to the byline on entries, for various reasons, and it’s been over a month since RyanC’s announcement, so I blanked. (Didn’t there used to be a sidebar mention of the guest ages ago?)

Still, seems weird there’s vastly—in a relative sense—more information here than at the Carson Systems site itself(nothing more than a blurb), which has its own blog.

BST: Why bother subscribing to the feed, either? We could just wait for someone else to talk about them to find out when new stuff is posted.
Readership is transitory. It’s perfectly possible that someone reading this item may not come back here for a long time, or encounter any of these other mentions you’re expecting them to rely on.

Also, another vote for six feeds being excessive.

Matthijs 08 Jan 06

I find it strange too. If someone wants my emailaddress he or she can just ask. Or is this a common strategy nowadays?

Scott 08 Jan 06

I think it’s a good name.

Don Wilson 08 Jan 06

“How Web 2.0 ;)”

Indeed, except for the non-javascript email address emptier when you select the input on the front page.

Anonymous Coward 08 Jan 06

This seems to go against what you were talking about in one of your previous posts about starting a company - i.e. finding a unique selling point. What is so different about this site?

Noah Winecoff 08 Jan 06

Matt Todd: Staples office supply has a commercial campaign about an “easy” button which once used makes everything easy. I think that should clarify where I was going with the “Web 2.0” button.

jb 09 Jan 06

enough with the self promo ryan. very bad manners for a guest.

Ryan Carson 09 Jan 06

Funny - never thought people would complain about giving them *too* much good content! :)

Yes, we’ll offer a feed that combines all 6 feeds.

By the way, we’re not “Trying to be web 2.0” by offering RSS feeds. We’re simply making it easier for people to get the content.

We’re looking forward to launching the site. If you’re a web professional, you’ll find it very useful.

Darrel 09 Jan 06

This isn’t Web2.0. The ‘coming soon’ needs more gradient and a drop shadow to be called Web2.0

SH 09 Jan 06

“very bad manners for a guest.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Dave Ferrick 09 Jan 06

I hope the launch is very close. You would being doing a lot to restore the faith of those who now cringe at banner/email “coming soon” pages. ;)

Lance C 11 Jan 06

Vitamin RyanC



Kieran Bowler 14 Mar 06

Any clues on a launch date? I can’t wait! :)