Iron Sudoku Jason 14 Mar 2006

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My friend Jamie just released his second simple online game: Iron Sudoku (his first is the ever-addictive Babble). Jamie is also the guy behind the well executed Giftbox. If you’re hooked on Sudoku, here’s your injection.

Iron Sudoku is a friendly community of Sudoku enthusiasts. A new puzzle is made available every day, and players then have 24 hours to complete it. Iron Sudoku isn’t about trying to complete puzzles quickly - it’s about a bunch of people getting together every day and chatting and having fun while doing a Sudoku puzzle.

Now go waste some time, will ya?

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Dan Boland 14 Mar 06

I have wasted many an hour playing Babble, and now you’ve gone and shown me another game that will surely waste more of my time! Gee, thanks a lot! ;)

KB 14 Mar 06

Registration req’d……. :-(

Nick 14 Mar 06

wow… i have a flight in 9 hours, need to pack, get through security… and i’m playing sudoku… Many thanks guys!

George O 15 Mar 06

Arrrrgggghhh! I will never do any work again!!