It’s a beautiful thing Jason 28 Aug 2006

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What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve seen lately?

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Jamie Stephens 28 Aug 06

My son. He’s one. Human life is beautiful. Innocence is beautiful. Wonder and discovery are beautiful. Seeing those things in your own has no comparison.

Zack 28 Aug 06

Evil ZEN Scientist 28 Aug 06

Sunset across the mountains. Salt Lake City, UT.

Rob Goodlatte 28 Aug 06

An absolutely deserted and silent Duke campus at 4AM

J Lane 28 Aug 06

Ditto to Jamie, except and an (s) onto the end of “son”.

My two year old is amazing. His smile and laugh can turn your worst day into one you’ll never want to forget.

My three month old is a little angel (when he actually decides to sleep). I took him for a walk tonight, and felt so at peace looking at his little face as he slept.

Tino 28 Aug 06

The most beautiful things I’ve seen? … My eyes opening.

Dru 28 Aug 06

Trees after a stiff rain. So green and lush, their color is such an awesome combo with a dark blue sky.

Joe Ruby 28 Aug 06

The most beautiful thing I’ve seen lately? Hmm, yeah, in the past few minutes that’d have to be Bryan Peters’ wife with the two lesbian chicks. ;P

David 28 Aug 06

My brand new 50” LCD TV.

Jake Walker 28 Aug 06

So, I’m taking this course to help study for the LSAT. One of the sections of the LSAT is a logic games section, and during a course today we encountered a logic games problem that was on its face very complicated, but in reality could be reduced to only one of three simple scenarios.

Seeing the deductions in front of me, translating arcane rules into a working model, and reducing a series of complicated restrictions and rules into a reality was amazing.

Watching the scenarios unfold in pencil on paper - that was beautiful.

Anonymous Coward 28 Aug 06

+1 on Bryan Peters� wife with the two lesbian chicks.

Pacey 28 Aug 06

as i don’t have children, and my wife goes without saying, i would have to say michael jordan’s title winning shot against utah for his sixth championship.

Bryan Peters 28 Aug 06

“What�s the most beautiful thing you�ve seen lately?”

That shot against Utah was 8 years ago. Have you seen anything beautiful since then?

Jason Liebe 28 Aug 06

My girlfriend as we were walking through Carnegie Hill by the park yesterday afternoon after it rained.

Jenna Fox 29 Aug 06

Horses, and Pony’s

dreamflow 29 Aug 06

The human creations of vector artists:

The World’s Most Photorealistic Vector Art

Michael 29 Aug 06

The human creations of vector artists:

The World’s Most Photorealistic Vector Art

Jay 29 Aug 06

A distant 3rd place to my wife and 20 month old son is my new MacPro and 30” Apple Display. Ohhh it is quite a step up from the ole’ iMac.

Kromatographic 29 Aug 06

Standing at the centre of a traffic circle with a police cop, I saw two different areas across from each other separated by a bridge. The one on the left was the outskirts of where the really rich lived and the one on the right, the outskirts where the poor lived. Amazing to see such a contrast here in India, where the economy is growing.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder!

Erik Dungan 29 Aug 06


Kitto 29 Aug 06

My girlfriend, the day before I left for an exchange semester in Sweden.

Jared White 29 Aug 06

I just watched a DVD of The Dark Crystal, and the fantasy landscape of the river when the gelflings are floating along by singing is just stunningly beautiful.

Shakeer 29 Aug 06

a tattoo of the rebel alliance logo on someone’s thigh

Dr Nic 29 Aug 06

My 2 wk old son when he’s just waking up.

Dan 29 Aug 06

Twilight while walking home from work.

Gary 29 Aug 06

The morning light here in Wellington, New Zealand - simply gorgeous.

Kieran Bowler 29 Aug 06

Ditto on Jamie Stephens’ comment. My son Noah.

robin 29 Aug 06

My daughter Bella (5 months).

Wridea Fan 29 Aug 06
Managing my ideas and to do lists online from any where

Booga 29 Aug 06

See my almost four month old son smiling after a weekend off.

Sam Aaron 29 Aug 06

In the center of Newcastle, England (next to the railway station), there is a huge building that’s in the process of being demolished. It’s currently wrapped in plastic like a birthday present. The other day I stood underneath it, and watched the entire enormity of it gently ripple in the wind. It was like the sea, but at 90 degrees to what you would expect. Beautiful.

Dawson 29 Aug 06

This is the most gorgeous looking site I;ve Seen in a long time, wonderfully apt color scheme and design given the sensitive nature of the topic.

Jeedee 29 Aug 06

Sleep. Definately.

Peter 29 Aug 06

That I finished painting all my ‘Gang Tags’ in Los Santos in GTA San Andreas.
Talk about hard work !!

Jippeeeeeeh !!!

Martin 29 Aug 06

The arrival of autumn rain that will last until April :-)

Icelander 29 Aug 06

I’m going to pick something that isn’t produced by hormones: A growler full of Lancaster Brewing Company’s Amish Four Grain Pale Ale.

Ernie Bello 29 Aug 06

Flickr’s new geotagging support

Ben Askins 29 Aug 06

Warm golden light reflected off trees at dusk.

Lisa 29 Aug 06

My son (1.5yrs) laughing hysterically.

Jina Bolton 29 Aug 06

La Toscana in Italia!

Eric 29 Aug 06

My wife and daughter.

Luis 29 Aug 06

Strippers. I find beauty in beautiful women taking their clothes off. It’s like poetry in motion.

Leah 29 Aug 06

I take express buses on Lake Shore Drive everyday and make a point to check out the lake. Last night after a day of rain, it was Atlantic Ocean rough. Tomorrow it might be crystal blue.

But the best was last Friday morning. Very cloudy morning and there was a break in the clouds. The sun peeked through and illuminated a thin line on the horizon on the lake. It was like a wink to me from the universe. I felt like nobody else on the bus saw it before the clouds closed up and the sun went into hiding.

Chris K 29 Aug 06

My entire direct family helping my mother move her sign shop to another location. All my grandparents, my parents, my sister and I. Filing, setting up computers - even my downs syndrome aunt putting up rolls of vinyl. And I didn’t even realize it until I got home that night.

Eloy Anzola 29 Aug 06

Lately, sunrise at Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Scott T. 29 Aug 06

Dinner I cooked last night. I call it “Lost on the way to Milan” … pork medallions milano-style (sorta) on spaghetti tossed in an amazing, deep red heirloom tomato sauce. A little of the deep red sauce poured over the golden brown pork with a white sprinkle of parmesan topped by a bright green sprinkle of fresh chopped parsely. Gourgeous. Tasted good too.

bill 29 Aug 06

Getting laid off.
Now working full time with my wife and kids(4 and 1 years old).

Seeing their faces every morning!


Brian 29 Aug 06

Driving through Glenwood Canyon on I-70 in Colorado on a recent road trip through the western states. Absolutely spectacular.

SH 29 Aug 06


Alex Bunardzic 29 Aug 06

My wife. She really is stunningly beautiful.

Tim K 29 Aug 06

My wife Stephanie and Caterham Superlight R400

Bill B 29 Aug 06

my wife. we just celebrated 33rd amnioversary. excellent!

John B 29 Aug 06

+1 on the Photorealistic Vector Art, specifically, this old school bobber.

lisa 29 Aug 06

My one-year old son waving enthusiastically when he saw one of his friends. (He just realized he has friends!)

Robert Simplicio 29 Aug 06

Realizing that Edward Tufte’s courses are only $360, and includes all 4 of his books. Absolutely gorgeous.

richard 29 Aug 06


kev 29 Aug 06

The view I have every day of the Rocky Mountains from my desk at work:

Dave Peele 29 Aug 06

A sonogram of my child as a 10.5 week old fetus. My beautiful wife was in the room as well. My child was waving at me! I was so beautiful!!!

Dave Peele 29 Aug 06

A sonogram of my child as a 10.5 week old fetus. My beautiful wife was in the room as well. My child was waving at me! It was so beautiful!!!

Jeff 29 Aug 06

A 360 degree view of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and beyond from the top of a friend’s Midtown apartment building.

Schlarb 29 Aug 06

Great question and nice to see all the fawning parents here.

Me too:

My daughter performing “the robot” in a pseudo breakdance section of “Alice In Wonderland.”

My son losing his first tooth.

Watching my wife sleep is up there too…

Sarah 29 Aug 06

Last night my neighbours had a barbeque which was fairly loud and more than a little bit on the drunken side. There was one bloke in particular who was more raucous and, well, crude, then would generally be counsidered couth.

This morning I glanced out the window to see Raucous Crude Guy sitting serenely in the sun reading a book. Boofheads reading books are beautiful.

Steve Randle 29 Aug 06

Art about cockroaches!

Lisa 29 Aug 06

A video of Nina Simone performing live (at Ronnie Scott’s). Piano, drum kit, and her voice. Stunning.

Music Geek 29 Aug 06

The Axiom 25 all-in-one MIDI minicontroller:


indi 30 Aug 06

The look in my daughter’s eyes when I got home from work today… 2nd place was Sunday evening - I was in a rush and went to the upstairs master bedroom to look for my cell phone … the room was dark and out of the windows I saw a gorgeous dark sunset with vibrant oranges through purples. The tall silhouetted eucalyptus trees that run along the horse trail next to the house framed the glowing sliver of a moon. I forgot about finding the cell phone. I considered getting my camera but decided some things are best remembered rather than recorded.

Peter 30 Aug 06

The look in the eyes of a poor old women who is so unbelievable happy with a new bed.

CJ 30 Aug 06

oemPro and Octeth
Developers of the most powerful and featured packed email marketing software with a cheap price.

Nathan 30 Aug 06

The wife


Don Schenck 30 Aug 06

A Romeo y Julieta panatela with an absolutely flawless wrapper. Looked gorgeous.

I enjoyed it Monday night.

Blake P 30 Aug 06

Orders in my admin.

Virtual Magic 30 Aug 06


andy w 31 Aug 06

The view of the falls at Willow River — from underneath them.

Guy 02 Sep 06

James Jean’s great drawing / illustration blog:

Guy 02 Sep 06

James Jean’s great drawing / illustration blog:

Guy 02 Sep 06

sorry for the double comment. Opera didn’t refresh the page properly. (so I clicked the post this comment button twice.)

isn’t there something in “Defensive Design for the web” about that? :)

Lola 05 Sep 06

This Picture:


Lola 05 Sep 06