It’s a Ma Ma Ma Ma World Matt 16 Aug 2005

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Jack Ma, the man behind (recently purchased by Yahoo for $1.7 billion) and “grandfather of the Internet in China,” claims to know almost nothing about computers other than how to send and receive e-mail. He also says he got into the Internet biz after being kidnapped at gunpoint by an American businessman in Malibu. Ma escaped by promising to start an Internet company with the man in China. Um, ok.

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JF 16 Aug 05

“A lot of people don’t understand Alibaba,” he said. “In the U.S., B-to-B companies died because they focused on big companies. We’re focusing on small and medium-sized companies. We’re helping them make money.”

He is a smart man!

Jordan 16 Aug 05

Sure, but almost every link on that site opens up a new window. Shame.

Rich 16 Aug 05

Personally, people who “…know almost nothing about computers…” have no business running a software company. I work for a couple of people that are the same way. Their business stays afloat, but their uninformed decisions have kept them from becoming a great company. Sounds like this guy got lucky.

Brad Sorensen 16 Aug 05

Jordon, so take his dimes and sell them for pennies until your pennies are worth dollars and his dimes are worth nothing.

Ian Ashley 16 Aug 05

I think he’s downplaying his success. 1.7 Billion from Yahoo! would seem to indicate he’s a little better at the web software industry than most :)

FWIW 16 Aug 05

FWIW, Alibaba is a great company/website. Anything that’s relentlessly abused by american teenagers has to be on to something (see “free [expensive desirable gadget x” ebay auctions).

Wesley Walser 17 Aug 05

I don’t understand how it’s abused by American teenagers.

I can see how this guy could know only basic computer skills. The article linked paints him as a businessman, not a computer wiz.