It’s business time! Matt 26 Jul 2006

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Flight of the Conchords is a hilarious New Zealand folk parody duo. No, really. Watch “Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros” (gangsta-folk crossover, dig the freestyle bit), “Business Time,” or “Issues (aka Think about it)”.

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Andrew Conkling 26 Jul 06

Signal v. noise… I say noise.
/me ducks and runs. :P

J 26 Jul 06

What’s noisier than a comment about noise? Save it.

Adam 26 Jul 06

Kia Ora from New Zealand. Represent!

Still, quite random to see NZ comedians linked to from “A design and usability blog”

Cliff Spence 26 Jul 06

Love these guys, masters of comedic timing and parody. “Jenny” is probably one of my favs. :)

Bill 26 Jul 06

These guys are fantastic! Thanks for the tip - hadn’t heard of them before. Power to the long tail!

Chris 26 Jul 06

Thanks so much! Laughing my ass off.

Ben Lilley 26 Jul 06

Glad to see NZ made it onto the SvN blog! Represent :)

Natalie Ferguson 26 Jul 06

Aren’t we NZers a patriotic bunch :) Funnily enough I’ve never heard of these guys, sound good tho…

James 26 Jul 06

Also a New Zealander :), I’ve heard of them but never actually listened to their stuff. Love it!

Bob 26 Jul 06

Ha Ha, one of the conchords has been featured in ads for Outback steakhouse in the US. That’s good - a “Kiwi” schilling for an “Aussie” restuarant. Ah the poor yanks and what they don’t know.

Nik 27 Jul 06

Goooooooooo kiwi!

Seen them live? I had to lie down… think I sprained a stomach muscle from laughing so hard!