Judging a book by its cover Matt 26 Oct 2005

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The VerificationistBy Its Cover: Modern American Book Cover Design is a collection of book covers compiled by two design/art professors at Rutgers.

At left is the cover for “The Verificationist” designed by John Gall. More examples from the book after the jump.

This last cover, designed by Alvin Lustig, is the authors’ favorite: “It’s like a Jackson Pollock painting. Once you understand it, it becomes that much more of a rich commentary about the book.”

You can see some more covers from the book at Amazon.

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chuck 26 Oct 05

I just saw this which is a blog about book cover design:


not a lot up there yet, but I imagine it will grow.

also, alvin lustig was amazing. i completely agree with the author on that count.

Jens Meiert 27 Oct 05

Awesome. Especially old covers are quite fascinating.

Chris 27 Oct 05

Hey guys,
I didn’t know where else to post this. Several months ago, you mentioned an architecture book about the City Of Chicago in one of your posts. Your post was entitled “Things I Like” or something similar. Could you re-post the title?

Kara 01 Nov 05

John Galt? Really?