July’s Deck Jason 31 Jul 2006

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This site, Signal vs. Noise, is a member of The Deck, a targeted ad network that delivers a single ad impression for each page viewed and only accepts ads for products or services we have paid for and/or used. Please consider checking out the products and services of The Deck’s July advertisers:

Oddica designer tees
CB2 modern affordable furniture and accessories
Adaptive Path’s UX Week Conference
Veer photos, type and more
Harvest time-tracking made simple
Squarespace inovative hosted blogging
Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash
Jewelboxing DVD + CD packaging systems
Text Link Ads a new idea for buying and selling text ads

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Hubris Sonic 31 Jul 06

Veers photos are really expensive.

Tony 31 Jul 06

Veers photos are really expensive.

They are pretty good too. Besides, if you are doing client work, you don’t actually pay for it.

Rabbit 31 Jul 06

Aye, Veer can be pricey when you get into their Rights Managed material. But even then, you can be fairly certain that the material you’re purchasing is virgin.

It’s pretty embarrasing when you build a web site for someone with the same stock photos that a competitor uses on their site.

Dan Grossman 01 Aug 06

37s really buys text link ads from text-link-ads?

Coudal 01 Aug 06

Nope, but Coudal does for Jewelboxing. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to build some traffic and have some influence on search rankings. The other side of the coin isn’t really relevant for us since we don’t carry third party ads outside of The Deck ads.

Bryan C 01 Aug 06

I bought two shirts from Oddica last month after seeing one of their ads here. “Ghost Cameras” for myself and “Above it All” for the wife. Nice designs and good quality shirts.

coudal 01 Aug 06

The Oddica shirts come very nicely packaged too. Great attention to detail from a small, dedicated team.