Kottke joins the Job Board Jason 18 Sep 2006

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Jason Kottke’s Kottke.org is now running the 37signals Job Board in the sidebar on his home page and in his archives.

When you visit Kottke.org (or A List Apart, Zeldman.com, the Ruby on Rails Weblog), you’ll see one random job listed along with a link back to the Job Board.

With Kottke’s inclusion, job seekers and job posters have an even better chance of hooking up through the Job Board. Find out why you should post your jobs on the 37signals Job Board.

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Renton 18 Sep 06

2 more sites and no one will care.

Michiel 18 Sep 06

Any luck of getting rss-feeds by location? Because I don’t care for skipping through 20 U.S. jobs per day.

Andy 18 Sep 06

Why? What does kottke.org has to do with web professionals? I can understand ALA en Zeldman.com since they also target web pros, but kottke.org is just a general purpose weblog.

Dan Boland 18 Sep 06

Any luck of getting rss-feeds by location? Because I don�t care for skipping through 20 U.S. jobs per day.

If I could make a change, I would put the job location in the title rather than in the description, but it’s not like the flow is too heavy to keep up.

ML 18 Sep 06

Andy, though it may be more general than, say, ALA, lots of web pros I know read Kottke.org all the time.

Anonymous Coward 18 Sep 06

Kottke answers:

“Every week, I get 3 or 4 inquiries from people looking for jobs in the web design/technology area or for employees (happily, it’s more the latter than the former these days). When I hear about someone who needs some work done and I have a friend or friend of a friend who’s available, I’m glad to make the connection. For the past couple of years, I’ve wanted to build a job board for kottke.org to make more of these connections possible, but I never got around to it. So when Jason Fried asked me if I wanted to put a link to the simple, focused 37signals Job Board on kottke.org (you’ll find it on every page of the site, below The Deck ad), that seemed to be the next best thing to building my own. I’ve been referring people there anyway, so a stronger connection makes sense.”

Anonymous Coward 20 Sep 06

He only gave Serenity 2.5 starts out of 5… not sure I can take him seriously.