LAUNCH: Gig Board ($100 for a 3 week ad) Jason 03 Oct 2006

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The Gig Board is live. It joins the Job Board as a great place to find talent.

Use Gigs to find contractors, freelancers, and consultants to help you with your projects. $100 for 3 weeks.

Use Jobs to find the perfect full-time designer, programmer, copywriter, or exec for your company. $250 for 30 days.

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russ 03 Oct 06

Looks like gigs is pointing to the wrong place at the moment.

Perhaps it’s a DNS issue at my end, but is resolving to and links to spinpoint software.

Looks like other subdomains go to the same page, like

JF 03 Oct 06

Russ, clear your cache, quit your browser, and force reload. You probably tried to visit before it was launched.

Aaron 03 Oct 06

The line “Looking for part time, contractor, or freelance help? Check the Gig Board.” on the Job Board goes to:

Mark 03 Oct 06

Nope, I’m getting the same thing. Something for Spinfree Software -or- 37 Signals. Have cleared my cache, quit my browser, tried a different computer etc… Can’t wait to see it when it’s up.

russ 03 Oct 06

Thanks JF, it was a problem at my end. We are definitely a critical bunch of readers.

rob 03 Oct 06

doesn’t load.

Trey 03 Oct 06

I’m also getting Spinfree Software.

Brian Rose 03 Oct 06

Same problem here. I’ve tried three different machines and several browsers on each, including one machine that hasn’t been on in months.

Eliot 03 Oct 06

Are those having problems using OpenDNS?

Mark Bixby 03 Oct 06

Nope, regular old internet, some friends are seeing the same problem (one reports they can see the gigs site). At the link above we get a page that says “This way to Spinfree Software”. I’ve certainly never attempted to go to that URL before. Not being critical here, actually hoping to help. :)

RS 03 Oct 06

For those of you getting the “spinfree software” page when you go to, it is because you or someone on your network has tried to visit before it was released today. It should work after 24 hours.

We know the address is working for lots of people (we’re watching the logs and seeing lots of requests come in). So if it isn’t working for you, we’re sorry, and we appreciate your patience over the next 24 hours.

For the technically inclined: Those of you who can’t access have a stale DNS entry. The old entry should be flushed in 24 hours, unless you’ve got a misbehaving DNS server, in which case it may need to be flushed manually.

Matt 03 Oct 06

Its also possible that your dns server hasn’t propagated the domain yet, so it doesn’t have a clue that it exists, and therefore is just going to the default “invalid domain” page that 37signals uses. Some DNS servers update changes quickly, others don’t… usally happens within 24 - 48 hrs of the initial change.

Don Wilson 03 Oct 06

Another reason to be patient :)

And on a side note, I can see in the near future more categories than just two that are there already.

Hal! 03 Oct 06

I could have used this a 6 months ago when I spent damn near 3 months looking for someone to develop my app.

But I will use it in the future. :)

Don, what other categories can their be? I don’t see it…

JF 03 Oct 06

There already are more categories. We just don’t show them until there are gigs in those categories. When you post a gig you can pick design, programming, copywriting, and misc.

keith bohanna 04 Oct 06

Same here (going to spinfree page). On all three of my browsers and with no caching (I have a standalone PC). And no previous visit!


Paul 04 Oct 06

Seems like it’s still directing to SpinFree. Hm… ?!?!?

Dipesh Batheja 04 Oct 06

Ok I also got hit with the same problem. I never visited the link before, still i was seeing the same SpinFree page. But this little command did it for me on my mac:

lookupd -flushcache

I simply executed the command on the console, ran Safari, pointed it to the same link, it loaded the same old page (SpinFree) from the browser cache, i then simply force reloaded the page and boom! I can see the Gig Board. Perhaps this might help others!

Anonymous Coward 04 Oct 06

Check out Dipesh Batheja ripping off the Basecamp UI:

Rob 04 Oct 06

Direct IP anyone?

Des Traynor 04 Oct 06

Anon Coward,
That website is quite clearly still under construction, and I can’t see how the hell they’ve copied anything from base camp, bar the revolutionary tab based menu.

Will 04 Oct 06

DNS is infuriating sometimes :)

Anonymous Coward 04 Oct 06

Des - Are you serious?

Still seem like they copied nothing?

Scott Meade 04 Oct 06

The corona website even used the very same animated gif ajax indicator. It uses 37signal’s creative three pulsing dots. I love that pulsing dots because it does not communicate “I’m spinning my wheels” like the more common rotating ones. Just a small thing, but one that I’m sure 37s folks took a look at.

Corona website is still under dev so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt for now. I say that knowing that I will also use design elements introduced by 37signals in my websites. They created them (e.g. highlighting) to be used by others.

JF 04 Oct 06

They created them (e.g. highlighting) to be used by others.

We did? We shared the yellow fade technique but that doesn’t mean everything we do is free to use by anyone. Inspiration is one thing, but blatantly copying interface elements is not permitted.

Just like you can’t steal someone’s words and call them your own, you can’t take someone’s design and call it your own. And you definitely can’t take someone’s copyrighted work and put your own “Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved.” notice on the bottom of your site.

Anonymous Coward 04 Oct 06

Also, just because it’s a bad copy doesn’t make it any less of a copy, does it?

JF - maybe it’s time you got around to that post?

Anony 04 Oct 06

I had seen Google using the three dots technique (i think they use 5) long before 37s

Anonymous Coward 04 Oct 06

It’s not about “dots” it’s about stealing someone else’s exact dots image and using it on your site. If you want to make your own dots then make your own dots, but taking an image file from someone else’s site, moving it to your site, and calling it your own is stealing. That’s not cool period.

Scott Meade 04 Oct 06

JF - I totally agree with you and sorry that I was not clear in my statement. The yellow fade technique I mentioned as a technique you’ve shared and in rereading the post now realize I made it sound like all of your techniques are meant to be shared. Certainly not the case!

I 100% agree that blantant copying is not permitted. I’ve pointed this out on another post as well ( hoping to get some guidance on how to ensure I properly use inspiration gained from 37s.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Dipesh Batheja 04 Oct 06

Hi guys, seems like its time for some explanations. The project you saw is still at very early stages of development. If you notice its not even feature complete (and its clearly mentioned that its a preview work). What we needed was a way to quickly come up with a basic UI framework to share the product idea with some early clients. And I admit that we were inspired by the UI design of the Basecamp. But by no means we meant to copy or steal anything and sell it as ours. We did used one or two design elements of Basecamp and those are just for prototyping this application and we really didn’t intend to put those in final release and put ourself in any kind of trouble. Even though we know that the project is just an initial idea and we are really not “selling” anything either as ours or anyone else, but we surely respect the work of art of others and will do the needful and keep it to the inspiration and not blatant copying.

Anonymous Coward 04 Oct 06


I admit that we were inspired by the the UI design of Basecamp

Be forthright, admit that you *copied* it.

We did used one or two design elements of Basecamp

Really? Just “one or two?” Like the:

* Navigation
* Color scheme
* Layout
* Form layout
* Drop shadows on the main white area (badly executed)

If you had better HTML and CSS skills, would you have copied more than the “one or two” elements you copied? For instance, would you have given your page headers underlines in CSS instead of using hr for the underlines?

we surely respect the work of art of others and will do the needful and keep it to the inspiration and not blatant copying.

Prove it. Let’s see what you do.

Walker Hamilton 04 Oct 06

Uhhh….not to get back on subject, but that gigs site still isn’t working for me. I’ve flushed my DNS, emptied my cache, etc.

Here’s the weird thing: I was on a school’s network and the gigs site worked just fine.

Now I’m at home on a comcast connect and I get the spinfree thing.


*now back to your regularly scheduled debate on designs being ripped off and how to make those guys pay!*

( I feel like that small mouse - the retarded one - saying “What are we gonna do tonight, Brain?” )

JF 04 Oct 06

Walker, it looks like Comcast is slower with DNS changes than your school network. Imagine that ;)

Josh Santangelo 06 Oct 06

My apologies for missing the RSS link. Neither my browser nor my RSS reader gave me a subscribe icon in the location bar, because the RSS URL isn’t included in the head of the document.

Actually this doesn’t seem to be the case for this blog or the jobs board either. Note to 37s people: If you include the RSS url as a , it makes for easier subscribing by anyone with Firefox, IE7, or any other good browser.