Lingo: Chrome 37signals 30 Aug 2006

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clofresh 30 Aug 06


Gayle 30 Aug 06

Ok, due to reading it a thousand times in a row, “chrome” as a word has now officially lost all meaning.

Justin 30 Aug 06

Hell is chrome.

Last I heard, anyway.

Aaron Blohowiak 30 Aug 06

what happened to noodage?

Jason Liebe 30 Aug 06


Luis 30 Aug 06

Say, is that what they make Chromographs with?
What time is it?

Rahul 30 Aug 06

Would you like chrome with that?

In Dutch there are phrases like “zonder schroom” or “schroom niet”, which is pronounced “schrome” with a hard European “ch” rasping sound. It pretty much means “without embarrassment” and “don’t be embarrassed”, respectively.

Someone over here should go market that as a UI paradigm. I can imagine a Mac t-shirt with “zonder schroom” being a …

okay, a complete failure. My ideas suck.

Darren Stuart 30 Aug 06

Ok what the hell is Chrome?

John Beales 30 Aug 06

I’m with Darren.

That car Jeff linked to must be crazy heavy if it’s actually chromed all over!

Darren Stuart 30 Aug 06

Thanks Fizik now it makes sense :p

Leo 31 Aug 06

Like Ice Cube said: I got the chrome thang thang to make the dome stank.

Must be relevant in some way, and too beautiful in its eloquence not to mention ;)

Erm 31 Aug 06

Is this a search result from sessions in Campfire?