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What’s a podcast that you think is great? Link it up.

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Dainius 14 Sep 06

iTunes Street Official Real Talk @ itunes. Really good, and not necessarily if you are into hip-hop.

Suthers 14 Sep 06

You simple cannot beat the Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington podcast — iTunes and Audible.

And Ze ( of course ;)

Geoff 14 Sep 06

Great movie commentary from a couple guys in their early 30s. Listen once and you’ll be hooked.

Rick 14 Sep 06

NPR Science Friday

keith 14 Sep 06

The one I look forward to the most (apart from zefrank/theshow) is the ruby on rails podcast.

Noah 14 Sep 06

Way of the Master Radio

Sam Kellett 14 Sep 06

Diggnation ( and TWiT ( for me

Sam Kellett 14 Sep 06

Diggnation ( and TWiT ( for me

Sam 14 Sep 06

I think it’s great when people just paste a link without any description. Really makes me want to click on it.

Marty 14 Sep 06

The Leth & Sex News lives up to its tagline — like The Daily Show, only podcastier.

Tyler 14 Sep 06

The Sound of Young America is a donation supported, [but free to download ]show about “All Things Awesome” and includes interviews with great comedians, wrtiers, animators, musicians…

It’s the podcast that I’m most eager to listen to every week.

Charles Martin 14 Sep 06

Digital Life (by Patrick Norton and Robert Heron)

Patric 14 Sep 06

A podcast about boardgames called:
The Dice Tower

Gustavo Beathyate 14 Sep 06

Garrett Murray is really funny, his bi-weekly episodes are more like bi-monthly though…

d 14 Sep 06

Loving The Word Nerds, a sufficiently nerdy but insightful podcast about etymologies and usage of language and words.

d 14 Sep 06

Loving The Word Nerds, a sufficiently nerdy but insightful podcast about etymologies and usage of language and words.

d 14 Sep 06

Sorry for the double.

Charles Festa 14 Sep 06

This is a podcast from the skinnyCorp family It interacts with people in the office and users from

Stephen McKenna 14 Sep 06

NPRs On The Media

Daniel Kjeserud 14 Sep 06

Binary Bonsai. MacRoundtable, MacCast, Macworld Podcast, Web 2.0 Show. I think thats all I listen to right now. Kinda waiting for my new MacBook Pro. Can you tell? ;)

Sketchee 14 Sep 06

This Week in Tech:


French for Beginners:

Peter 14 Sep 06

Strongbad Emails podcast!

C 14 Sep 06

Have to add Security now

Learn something on each podcast.

Dainius 14 Sep 06

No offence really, but how many of posts are self-advertising?

beckie 14 Sep 06

a podcast I can’t forget from down under’s 2webcrew…

sham 14 Sep 06

If you like typography, fonts, and sexy type designers, listen up to, now we are talking!

David 14 Sep 06

Information rich geek blog of a .Net persuasion:

Francisco Hernandez 14 Sep 06

Conversations about Agile Methodologies and Practices

John 14 Sep 06

Penn Gillette


JasonK 14 Sep 06

From Our Own Correspondent - “personal reflections by BBC correspondents around the world”.

David B 14 Sep 06

I’m going with Suthers… Ze is very cool.

Al 14 Sep 06

The Adam & Joe podcast from XFM radio. Slightly off-the-wall, British humour. Episode 15 had people giving me odd looks as I laughed out loud whilst listening to it on my iPod.

Phil 14 Sep 06

Long Now foundation podcasts their seminars on long term thinking. Best lecture series of all time:

Lamby 14 Sep 06

LUG Radio (Linux show)

beto 14 Sep 06

Channel Frederator. Indie Cartoons. On your iPod. For Free.

jan korbel 15 Sep 06

No one has mentioned, Leo’s podcast imperium… I guess everyone knows it… but just for good measure.

Jeremy 15 Sep 06 is an excellent resource for students of Mandarin.

Eric 15 Sep 06

The KEXP Live Performances Podcast - KEXP is a member-supported radio station in Seattle. This podcast gets some of the most amazing contemporary rock artists. It’s my fave. To hear an absolutely great one, download The Black Angels from June.

Andy W 15 Sep 06

For foodies like myself, it’s really hard to beat Good Food, produced by Santa Monica’s KCRW station. One of my favorite features is the “Market Report”, wherein their roving reporter visits the local Farmer’s Market, chatting with all the producers. The most amazing and wonderful things on Earth grow there in California…unlike my native Minnesota. sigh.

Jay 15 Sep 06

David Lawrence’s Personal Netcast complements his daily 3 hour radio show. Very very good!

“Pop culture, tech, movies, music, TV, humor, morals, ethics and politics.”

Jay 15 Sep 06

Oh, and also Mac OS Ken. Ken Ray, formerly of Inside Mac Radio (the only good host on that show…), now has his own Mac podcast. Updated early in the morning. Brilliant stuff.

Jason 15 Sep 06

I vote for the KEXP podcasts too. They’ve got several podcast available (including the live performances) available at:

Christopher Harley 15 Sep 06

Steve Gillmor takes no prisoners as the gang looks to the future of Web2.0 and the preservation of your Attentionon The Gillmor Gang

Nicolas Paton 16 Sep 06

I’m tired of listening to the music I know about over and over again, I want to hear only it intentionally, and not get tired of it using random on all my library while working.

So I go random on things I find here :
(audio blog, no podcast feed, I use Sitesucker with a filter on only audio links, once in a while :)

These guys talk about things they like, give a lot of info around their music propositions ; they follow different patterns to do their posts (theme, like “N.Y.C.”, a jazz classical over several artists, some artist at some moment of his musical career…) witch is quite instructive while making us discover things.

Great very diverse music to discover. Enjoy

~Elia 17 Sep 06

*Larry Keim’s*

“Rolling R’s”:

*it’s wonderful:*
learn spanish in very small lessons! it’s a kind of less is better adapted to teaching.

If you’re italian checkout also the radio24 (“il sole 24 ore”) podcast, with 1minute news every hour and much more valuable contents.