McBling 06 Jul 2005

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McDonald’s gets progressive and asks Tommy Hilfiger, P Diddy and Russell Simmons to design new McD’s uniforms. Other designers that McDonald’s is considering are American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, Rocawear and Fubu. A far cry from the Armani-clad Italian police force, but a nice start and a smart move. [Thanks Khoi]

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Darrel 06 Jul 05

“but a nice start”

…to what?

Darrel 06 Jul 05

The fast food giant is planning to highlight its credentials as a “lifestyle brand” by making its “staff relevant to our lifestyles”.


huh? 06 Jul 05

“and a smart move.”


JF 06 Jul 05

A nice start and a smart move if it makes their employees feel better about working at McD’s. And I bet it will.

Darrel 06 Jul 05

“And I bet it will.”

I bet taking that 80 Million dollar budget and handing out a few raises would make the employees feel better than P-Diddy shirts.

fred 06 Jul 05

Fits right in with their latest minority demographic marketing scheme. Would you like some friz-dizzles with dat coke? :)

Jemal 06 Jul 05

Not only is Darrel right about wages being more important than apparel, but I think they’re making a mistake by trying to tie their wardrobe to current fashions:

Fashion is merely a form of ugliness so unbearable that we are compelled to alter it ever six months.

Oscar Wilde

So now they’ll just be adding a new problem to their list: keeping up with fashion trends.

and then... 06 Jul 05

Sad part is some 11 year old will be sewing these bad ass burger flipper unis for 6 cents an hour.

Anonymous Coward 06 Jul 05

How about spending that $80 million on ESL classes for the cooks so they know what “No ketchup” means? Or on math classes for the high school dropout running the cash register that can’t make change for a $20? McDonald’s isn’t a lifestyle and the only relevance the staff has to my lifestyle is when they make my Big Mac.

Jemal 06 Jul 05

And anonymous above gets the medal for “Most incredibly insensitive yet still constructive comment of the year.” I’m shocked and impressed.

Rabbit 06 Jul 05

Jemal - Eff “insensitive.”

I’m actually upset you see these changes in a positive light. The points brought up by Anon and the others are powerful, and, in my opinion, something to take to heart.

My friends amaze me to no end when, after I tell them that a corporation was able to *privative water* (including that which falls from the sky) in a third-world country, and all they can do is shrug their shoulders.

I pray you’re not one of those people.

Mark 06 Jul 05

I think Mickey D’s would be better served to spend that $80 million on studying and implementing a similiar business model to that of Chick-Fil-A.

I have never had a bad experience at a Chick-Fil-A — anywhere.

Likewise, I doubt any amount of “bling” will truly make a young person feel better about anything.

Darrel 06 Jul 05

Here’s the proper way to make your fast-food employees feel better:

It’s a local fast-food pizza chain that offers employess dental and medical insurance, a 401k retirement plan, flex time, and tuition reimbursement.

Plus, they have good food.

And no one gives a crap what their t-shirt looks like.

8500 06 Jul 05

Chick-Fil-A isn’t open on Sunday! I want fried chicken nuggets on the day of the Lord but they deny me. How is that a good experience?

Mark 06 Jul 05

“…How is that a good experience?”

I don’t know. Maybe as an employee it’s nice to have at least one day of a generally recognized weekend off.

As a consumer, it’s nice to see that the employees understand what the chicken nugget icon on their register does, and can have the confidence that said nugget transaction will happen in a friendly and efficient manner — even if one has to wait until Monday to buy those nuggets.

Mark 06 Jul 05

Also, owning a CFA franchise is crazy cheap - like 5,000 dollars - and preference for ownership is given to those who are employees. On the other hand MD is expensive - 100,000 or so - and ownership targeted to investors.

If you are a kid looking to make something of their life, where would you go? Someplace that provides you with a realistic opportunity or someplace that has kickin new threads by Sean John?

Mike 06 Jul 05

I’m just finishing up reading Fast Food Nation (I know, I’m a bit slow on the up-take). It’s shocking the impact McDs has had on our way of life, from obesity to employment methods to farming techniques.

I echo Darrel, why don’t they take that dough and a whole lot more and work on treating their staff with some respect (and throw some bling into R&D and get tastier and healthier food).

New uniforms are just window dressing for some miserable working conditions.

Dan Boland 06 Jul 05

I sincerely doubt that FUBU will win this contract, considering their namesake is inherently racist — For Us By Us? Who exactly is us? Oh right, you mean black people. I guess us honkies aren’t allowed to wear your shitty clothes, they aren’t made “for us.” If some white guy came up with an idea like this, there would be effigies on every street corner.

Having got that out of my system, I kinda agree with Jason (JF to the laymen) on this… at least in the sense that this is a business looking at a less obvious solution toward achieving differentiation. If changing the product doesn’t work, might as well change the packaging, you know what I mean? That’s not to say that I don’t think it’s stupid, but McDonald’s realizes that clothes make the man, even when those clothes stink like french fries.

Rob H 06 Jul 05

At least you’ll look hip earning $5.15 an hour.

Ronald LeDonald 06 Jul 05

$5.15 is still enough money to father 50 children. Yeah that’s right! I said it!

chris 06 Jul 05

“I donít know. Maybe as an employee itís nice to have at least one day of a generally recognized weekend off.”

If you’re working in fast food and the only way you can get a day off is if the store closes, you need a career change…

Wesley Walser 10 Jul 05

I think this is a good move on their part, especially if they play it up enough.

, 16 Jul 05

Style over substance?