Movable Type turns 4, congratulations! David 08 Oct 2005

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Six Apart is celebrating the 4th anniversary of Movable Type. We’d like to extend our congratulations on the occasion. It’s a significant milestone for a piece of software that’s powering a huge part of the blogosphere to still be around and still have the market share that it does four years in.

Four years is a long time in this space. Good luck to all at 6A on doing another four.

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Ariah Fine 08 Oct 05

Congrats on four years. And congrats on a rocking cool organization.

Ariah Fine 08 Oct 05

Congrats on four years. And congrats on a rocking cool organization.

Rob Winters 09 Oct 05

I’ll second that. Even though I’m a huge Wordpress fan It’s obvious to me that MT are pioneers in bloging software and made the mould. Congratulations!

Matt Carey 09 Oct 05

Congratulations. Is it really only 4 years? It seems a lot longer than that…

Meh 09 Oct 05

Who are we supposed to be congratulating here? 6A or 37s?

Leave it to you guys to start off talking about the accomplishments of another company only to end by promoting your own.

Go three days without talking about yourselves. I dare you.

Derk 09 Oct 05

The last few posts sometimes show 37s being very satisfied with themselves.. please try to avoid that.. It make you guys so much less fun.. Hey.. wait a minute.. less is better! Ah, now I understand what you’re doing!

Jon 09 Oct 05

And the trolls are out once again (“Meh” and “Derk”).

Congrats 6A.

Ben Askins 09 Oct 05

Meh and Derk. I’ll take the bait. I didn’t read David’s post as him blowing his own horn at all. I think he was trying to illustrate how much can happen over four years. It’s very easy for you guys to hang shit on someone who is successful, especially behind your veil of anonymity. Go and make some achievements of your own and brag about it on your own blog. Maybe then you wont be so jealous.

David, I’m sorry you chose to edit your post based on the jealous feedback of a few detractors. Congrats to you for achieving so much in a short time.

And congrats to 6A for staying afloat for four years, tremendous achievement.

Anil 10 Oct 05

Thanks for the kind words! The best part is that the tool has helped make opportunities for lots of other people, like you guys at 37s have been able to do (in part) by using your MT-powered blog. :)