Museum of web headline design Jason 08 Jun 2006

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A showcase of headline typographic design from across the web.

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Noah Winecoff 08 Jun 06

Oooh…that gave me some good ideas.

Mike 08 Jun 06

Saw it a week ago, incredibly inspiring!

Fred 08 Jun 06

Got to hand it to you: it’s not hard to pick out 37 signals in the midst of that lot.

Ara Pehlivanian 08 Jun 06

Dang! Didn’t make the cut… oh well.

Fried.or.Scrambled 09 Jun 06

I’m a graphic designer, and I find the whole new web 2.0 thing very funny. It takes more than just big text and shiny buttons inspire me.

randy 09 Jun 06

Wow. You just said absolutely nothing.

kevin 13 Jun 06

It’d be a cool idea if almost all of them weren’t from blogs or small(ish) sites. A running comparison of corporate typography and online brand standards would be pretty interesting.