writes about Rails: Bye complexity, hello Ruby Ryan 31 Oct 2005

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There’s a nice two-page piece on Ruby on Rails (and David) over at You can also listen to part of the interview in MP3 format.

UPDATE: The BBC will be using Rails to build their program catalog.

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Justin Reese 31 Oct 05

I think that young man has a future.

Geof Harries 31 Oct 05

It’s so refreshing to read a tech news interview with a guy whose business focus is crystal clear and simple.

Jon 31 Oct 05


Justin Reese 31 Oct 05

Wow. BBC… quite the street cred, there.

Pawel 31 Oct 05

According to the article.. the first Ruby conference was just last year? Wow - who knew? Don’t let on to David Black and the others organizers that you know about that dark secret. I don’t know what they were doing for the first three years, but apparently they weren’t holding a conference of international Ruby developers though.

David Heinemeier Hansson 01 Nov 05

Yeah, some of the details always go wrong for journalists in pieces like this. I’m happy it wasn’t anything bigger ;)