Next Generation Solutions Jason 02 May 2006

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Man, the next generation is going to be full of solutions.

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Kyle Posey 02 May 06

Too bad… I want my solutions now!

Mark Gallagher 02 May 06

“Solutions” is the most over-used word in business today.

It started with consultants but now everybody uses it at all levels of the company.

We don’t “work” anymore. We “create solutions”.

How many powerpoints have you seen with bullets that highlight so many brilliant “solutions” ??

Ken Rossi : 02 May 06

We had that issue back in 1999. Everyone was creating e-solutions. It was quite annoying when your client used the same buzzword over and over to get the point across.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about creating e-solutions.”

Gary… this comment is for you. :-)

Danno 02 May 06

Not to be contradictory or anything, but it is pretty accurate a description of what people do who are payed for doing things.

I mean to say, most of what you do while you work is centered around solving problems. Even the act of identifying the problem is towards the end of solving it.

Lisa 02 May 06

I better let my son know…

Mark Anderson 02 May 06

The UK satirical magazine Private Eye has a ‘solutions’ column tracking this annoying habit. Some recent picks:
- Thirst Management Solution Provider (drinks)
- Communitng Solutions” (bicycle shop)
- Commercial blasting solutions (explosives)
- Global tubular solutions (steel pipes)

A rather advertising overworked solution, methinks.

jon hohle 02 May 06

my RSS reader took me to Google’s homepage, which has, of the few listed items: “Business Solutions”

Anonymous Coward 02 May 06

I prefer next generation suspensions nyuk nyuk

Augie De Blieck Jr. 02 May 06

Hey, you have to fill all those “space”s with something…

A.C.: That reminds me of another great saying: “If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the precipitate.”

Nick 02 May 06

Ah, nothing like “solutions” to make me think of the uselessness of “Web 2.0”

Jeremy J 02 May 06

I’ve recently seen:
- Access Solutions (scaffolding)
- Lifestyle Protection Solutions (Income insurance)

wayne 02 May 06

Maybe in the interest of simplicity I could fashion a pitch for “Last Generation Solutions.”

Don Schenck 02 May 06

Here’s the sad truth:

In many mid- and larger-size companies, marketing-speak bullshit DOES work! “Getting Real” often does not.

People don’t want to hear the truth. They don’t want to face reality. They want to spend their eight hours in their little cubicle, working about three or four while lying about their effort (“We put in about 50 to 60 hours a week” — yeah … again, bullshit) and cover their ass.

Not that I’m bitter, or have been watching a lot of Penn & Teller …

Most business is suck-up and “pretend”. Me? Cynical? NAAAAAAA…

Paul T 02 May 06

If they have no other useful purpose, office buzzwords do provide some humor to “life” in the office. Just don’t get caught giggling:

Edmundo 02 May 06

I’m confused. Are these next-generation solutions compatible with web 2.0 or are they for web 2.5? Do I need to install ajax to use these solutions? ��

tjf 02 May 06

Next generation is always in the future, no wonder its full of solutions!!

Matt 02 May 06

ugh. Even limited usage of buzzwords slowly suck the potency out of my creative powers. I find myself fighting this beast on an almost daily basis and it’s exhausting…

Scott Dennis Quiring 02 May 06

Mike Swimm: Aah, but very few people are doing both.

Paul T 02 May 06

Ha! I just found this copy at the bottom of an actual e-mail from someone in sales. It’s bursting at the seams with buzzwords. Names have been mad-libbed out both to protect the guilty and to provide a template in case you’re trying to come up with something like this for your own sales team. I’m sure it took hours to come up with the perfect blend of such purposeful, strategic, optimal, next generation copy.

“Company Name” represents a new generation of “Type of Service” providers. Operating on the philosophy that collaboration is critical to providing the optimal combination of “Category 1”, “Category 2” and “Category 3” solutions, “Company Name” works in partnership with its clients to develop cost-effective solutions designed to address the small and mid-sized business “Target Market” requirements. With a solid “Business Feature 1” and “Type of Service” provided by a top-certified technical staff, “Company Name” can deliver 100 percent “Category 4”, “Category 5”, and “Category 6” service. “Company Name” operates “Number” facilities in “Number” states and reports significant year-over-year revenue and profitability gains since its establishment in “Year”. headquartered in “City, State”, “Company Name” provides a wide range of “Type of Service” services to thousands of clients
including “Company 1”, “Company 2”, “Company 3”, and “Company 4.”

Gary R Boodhoo 02 May 06

Maybe its just semantics, but the word “solution” bores me to tears, but the word “solvent”… that gets my pulse going!

It’s just that I’ve found design methods (code, visuals, etc.) don’t exactly solve a problem so much as they redefine the context of a desired outcome… yeah, I don’t care much for the word “problem” either :)

Robin Goodfellow 03 May 06

Hah! Don’t count out old fashioned solutions yet:

Brian Morykon 03 May 06

37signals: Choice of the next generation