Nick Denton’s Startup kit Jason 29 Nov 2005

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Nick shares the tools he uses to run his company. You’ll see a trend here: cheap, free, and flexible. And when you’re starting up those are important words. Keep your utility and flexibility as high as possible while keeping your costs as low as possible. It’s all part of having less mass.

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Mark 29 Nov 05

The singular, most important tool he’s got listed there - Perspective.

qwerty 30 Nov 05

I’m not too impressed with the portfolio of Pretty. For my taste it lacks some bauhaus and I find their designs too disney. A company that works with 37S I had expected to pick designers that stress simplicity (metadesign, pentagram).

Jimmy 30 Nov 05

It’s nice that he’s sending his work overseas. He’ll get what he pays for there.

FAA 30 Nov 05

Give Denton a break Jimmy. When he said “because it’s only going to get harder to find great developers in the US” I’m sure he meant it’s only going to get harder to find great developers in the US who will work for minimum wage.

I do have to question the paradox of a man that understands the positives of 37 Signals, yet would outsource to the lowest bidder.

Jimmy 30 Nov 05

IMO great developers shouldn’t be working for minimum wage. Again, you get what you’re willing to pay for in that area.

FAA 30 Nov 05

Jimmy, I wholly agree with you. Sorry, I forgot to press the sarcasm button before typing my last comment.

Bobby 01 Dec 05

There are some great developers overseas, and can be better value. Problem is project management - garbage in, etc. Was good to see him list Falk, though - they’re the only ad server really innovating in this space.