Nokia N70 vs Nokia 6682: in pictures Jason 22 Nov 2005

Ever since I switched to Cingular from Sprint a few months back I’ve been loving the Nokia experience. First with the Nokia 6682 and now with the Nokia N70. They are both great phones, but the N70 is really refined. It’s basically a faster, sleeker, more modern 6682 with more memory, a faster processor, a 2 MP camera, and some other nice UI touches. The keys are a little smaller and the placement of the call/end buttons are a little too close to the menu buttons, but I’m adjusting. I do think that’s a small step back in usability though. But overall the N70 is the best phone I’ve ever used.

When I look for a new phone I always look for pictures. Close-up detailed pictures. They seem to be hard to find. So, I’ve snapped a few quick ones comparing the 6682 and the N70. The 6682 is the white one. The N70 is the silver one. I do plan on posting a more detailed review of the N70 after I’ve spent some more time with it, but here are some comparison photos.