Oops Ryan 28 Oct 2005

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Why are “T” and “F” so close together on the keyboard? They form such different words when you add “ucker” at the end. Especially when it’s someone’s name.

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SH 28 Oct 05

HA AH AHA HAHHA AHA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OUCH! 28 Oct 05

you can kiss that VC money goodbye… ;)

George 28 Oct 05

Don’t blame the keyboard, blame Freud.

mike 28 Oct 05

I was THIS close to sending an email to all of the senior managers in my department with their word “counts” missing the VERY important “O”.

Mike Rundle 28 Oct 05

Tucker Carlson is a fucker anyway.

warren 28 Oct 05

jon stewart pwning tucker carlson on his own show shall forever stand as one of the greatest moments in television history.

he wears a fucking BOWTIE for chrissakes.

Brad 28 Oct 05

Did I miss something?

Ryan 28 Oct 05

I hereby second Rundle’s comment. Can I get an Amen?

monkeyinabox 28 Oct 05

What the tuck?

Seth 28 Oct 05

Tuck off…

Jesper 28 Oct 05

Now that would be what’s called a Friedian Slip.

Will Hayworth 28 Oct 05

Jesper: It’s a Freudian slip.

Dear God…I guess this is why Dvorak was invented.

Seth V. 28 Oct 05

I gave up on Qwerty a long time age. Give Dvorak a try. Sure it doesn’t have it’s name embedded in the top row of keys but it sure works.

dave 28 Oct 05

I remeber in high school the sciene teacher asking some question about what you call a single living plant, animal or virus.

Yelling out orgasim rather than organisim taught me the danger of words that afternoon.

Darryl Ring 28 Oct 05

Mr. Rundle, Ryan… amen.

I’ve always been fascinated by bowties, though.

Paul Thrasher 28 Oct 05

My X-Girlfriend’s name is Whitney, or Whit for short. Unfortunately W and S are also quite close on the keyboard.

nickd 28 Oct 05

I read the first sentence and I thought “wow, that is a pretty big usability flub - having ‘true’ right next to ‘false’.” Neep.

Don Wilson 28 Oct 05

Tucker Carlson is a fucker anyway.

Fucker because he invalidates idiotic liberal ideology by proven fact and thorough proof? He’s quickly become a favorite of mine.

Fred 28 Oct 05

No, because he’s a dick.

Jon 28 Oct 05

No, because he�s a dick.

And because he wears a bow tie.

Don Wilson 28 Oct 05

No, because he�s a dick.

Good to know we’re showing our true maturity level. :)

Some Guy 28 Oct 05

I once obtained a client with the email address “[email protected]”… I accidentally sent him a cover letter in PDF which listed his email address as “[email protected]”. Needless to say, he was a little miffed when he saw that.

Swati 28 Oct 05

My most common typo:

typing for instead of get or vice-versa. Happens if you position your left hand one key set to the right.

Walker Hamilton 29 Oct 05

Will Hayworth: Umm…you’re aware he’s Fried? Thus, “Friedian Slip” is funny not a reason to go all Dvorak on us…..

clean keys 29 Oct 05

seems Russell Beattie doesn’t get those keys mixed up.

Jace R 29 Oct 05

Swati, that would be got not get

Peter 29 Oct 05

My favourite pub/restaurant name that needs to be checked twice before saying it: The Pheasant Plucker.

Don Wilson 29 Oct 05

Having to say a restaurant’s name like Fuddruckers when I was a kid could quickly turn into something bad. ;)

Chris D 29 Oct 05

Jesper: “Now that would be what�s called a Friedian Slip.”
Will Hayworth: “Jesper: It�s a Freudian slip.”

Freud -> Freudian slips
Jason Fried -> Friedian Slip

see, that’s humour.

Ara Pehlivanian 29 Oct 05

I know nofhing of whaf you speak.

tarakhe 29 Oct 05

“Fucker because he invalidates idiotic liberal ideology by proven fact and thorough proof? He�s quickly become a favorite of mine.”

Don, if he did that, he would be a smart fucker.

But alas, he does not, and is merely a fucker pretending to be a journalist.

brad 29 Oct 05

a friend of mine once typed out (on a typewriter, this was in the 1970s) a recipe for seven-layer cookies. Except that the fingers on her right hand were offset by one key so the title came out as seveb kater ciijues. We called them by that name forever after.

joe blogs 29 Oct 05

You should be careful with i and o as well, as I once discovered in a typed memo to someone named Colin, but accidentally became Colon, which was really a diplomatic name for that a-hole. ;-)

Anyway, he didn’t like it somehow. I guess it was too close to the truth. :)

brad 29 Oct 05

speaking of letters to be careful with, the letter “k” is pronounced “kah” in French. “Ka-ka” in french is “shit.” So french people can’t help laughing when they see Kevin Kelly’s web domain, which is kk.org

this summer in Maine we saw someone with a vanity license plate that read “PIANO KC.” I assume it was someone named Casey who played piano, but my girlfriend and her daughter (both native French speakers) started laughing because in french that would be pronounced as “piano cass�” or “broken piano.”

jw 29 Oct 05

Wait: what’s wrong with bowties?

huxley 29 Oct 05

John Dvorak is a bit of a tucker too

Ben Tucker 29 Oct 05

This post brings me back to school yard memories… ;-)

Jesper 29 Oct 05

Chris D; Walker: Exactly.
Will Hayworth: Shame on you. ;)

Andrew Hollister 29 Oct 05

You know someone named Fucker? Hell I thought it was my name for the first 17 years of my life… thanks mom

Charles Miller 29 Oct 05

“Duck” is one of the most dangerous words on the QWERTY keyboard. You can miss either side of the D, or you can miss the U.

I learned this to my temporary embarrassment on IRC.

Matt Schinckel 30 Oct 05

My current mis-type is cuntion instead of function. I do it all of the time.

MH 31 Oct 05

Wait: what�s wrong with bowties?

Obviously they are a sign of the devil.

Darrel 31 Oct 05

Fucker because he invalidates idiotic liberal ideology by proven fact and thorough proof?

No, that’d make him a decent commentator. Of course, he doesn’t do that. He’s good at punditry spin, though. And wearing bow ties.

Chris K 31 Oct 05

Imagine being 12 and telling a whole classroom full of kids that your favourite book character was Dildo!

Bob Aman 31 Oct 05

I’m a pretty decent typist I guess, or more likely, I tend to cache my mistakes before I hit submit, but for some reason, the one word I never fail to desecrate somehow is “cache.”

Bob Aman 31 Oct 05


Will Hayworth 19 Jul 06

Apologies in retrospect to all. I think I’m a little bit older and wiser now.