Our very own David Heinemeier Hansson is the Google/O’Reilly “Best Hacker of 2005” 03 Aug 2005

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Well done my friend! You deserve it. You built more than a framework, you built a movement (and an economy). In just one year, Basecamp, Backpack, Tada List, 43things, ODEO, Blinksale, Strongspace, S5 Presents, and many more have all jumped on board. It will be a blast to see who comes aboard over the next 12 months.

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amine 03 Aug 05

Congratulations!! nice job :)

Lisa 03 Aug 05

clap. clap. clap.

ichigo 03 Aug 05

kudos kudos

Chris 03 Aug 05

Well done David! Rails has made my working life easier and much more fun.

JP 03 Aug 05

Congratulations, David. Here’s to Ruby on Rails (and to me learning it)!

Tristan Dunn 03 Aug 05

Congratulations! Thanks for the great framework.

Stefan seiz 03 Aug 05

Congrats David!

M & D 03 Aug 05


Nir 03 Aug 05

Respect! and well deserved - DHH looked at the same problems thousands of individuals & companies were looking at for about 10 years, but he was the only one to see a really elegant solution. Well done.

Edward Stull 03 Aug 05

Congratulations and continued success

David 03 Aug 05

I haven’t really touched RoR, but congrats all the same. Best of luck onward.

Ian Ashley 03 Aug 05

Congrats, David! Seems RoR has set a new bar on how web development should be done in the future.

Adam 03 Aug 05

Definetely well deserved!! Ruby on Rails has changed the way we work and has made us 100x’s more productive. We love the framework and have been able to develop a few ROR apps of our own. We developed Listsomething.com and Ajaxed.com with the framework and are amazed by the speed in which we can get things done. Congratulations again David!

Jitish.P 03 Aug 05

Cool One.
ROR Rulez
Expecting more of this kind

David Heinemeier Hansson 04 Aug 05

Thanks so much, guys. Really appreciate it.

James 'Smiler' Farrer 04 Aug 05

How long before Google try and procure your services? :)

David Mabelle 14 Aug 05

Dear David,

I have a home on Kauai and am living in New Zealand. I would love to have you over to visit. Please contact me. I also own the domain cocreators.com. I want to discuss a project with you.

John 14 Nov 05

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