Photos from Friday’s Getting Real workshop Matt 05 Apr 2006

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While GWB has “corporate responsibility” and “mission accomplished”…

Bush and Corporate Responsibility

Mission Accomplished

…DHH has “so be happy” and “beautiful code.”



More photos from last Friday’s Getting Real workshop after the jump.

An attendee takes notes while Jason talks.

Jason suplexes functional specs.

Ryan explains starting with sketches.

Jason looks out on a sea of PowerBooks.

Jason, Ryan, and David listen to a question.

Lunchtime offers a chance for Q&A with David.

Attendees chat in a Campfire room during the workshop.

Thanks much to everyone who attended! Steph Mineart posted notes from the day and Zack Gilbert also offered a summary (“the workshop was amazing”). You can also view a set with more of the day’s photos at Flickr.

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Don Wilson 05 Apr 06

I absolutely love the last photo. It just makes the workshop just that much cooler.

Lisa 05 Apr 06

Hmm… the attendees — while sitting in the same room — chat on campfire. funny.

It would be an interesting experience if you guys tried do a low cost workshop on campfire. That would be neat to attend. Although maybe interrupting might be a problem.

MasterQ 05 Apr 06

This is totally off topic but too sweet to leave out…

I was reading an pcmag article and then came across this passage…

With IE 4 came the Trident display engine that enabled dynamic HTML. At that point, the race was on between Microsoft and Netscape to add as many features as possible in every new release. Both were investing in “push” content, in which users would subscribe to information that would be pushed to the desktop. Microsoft called this “channels,” and it ultimately failed because it was too slow over dial-up connections. It was pulled from IE 5.

Eventually, work on the browser slowed down. “I think we ended up having, believe it or not, feature fatigue, where people said, it’s almost too much in this thing; can we just go back to some basics?” Mehdi says. “And that’s why I think IE 5 was actually a way bigger hit than IE 4, because it just focused on simplicity and performance.”

Microsoft Got Real

dave rau 05 Apr 06

Steph’s notes are awesome! But I wonder if the 37 crew could talk about a few points in the last section “Mistakes and Uncertainties”

* Overthinking affiliates program; some pitfalls and successes
* iteration fatigue; how to deal with this
* backpack debt; what’s that about?

Zack 05 Apr 06

Thanks for the link, Matt.

Nice job on the photos. What camera were you using? I didn’t get a chance to notice specifics. Too busy absorbing the presentation.

Joe 05 Apr 06

Ryan’s sketches are works of art! Is there a PDF available? ;P

ML 05 Apr 06

Photos taken with a Canon Digital Rebel.

JF 05 Apr 06

Dave, if you want to hear the content you have to come to the workshop man!

dave rau 05 Apr 06

JF, Rats! Catch 22; Iron-On needs an affiliate program so we can sell $120,000 in tshirts and wallets, then Josh and I can fly up to the workshop.

Any plans on a southeast workshop? Tampa has nice weather right now yo. =]

Sebastian Gr��l 05 Apr 06

i would love to be at a “Getting Real” Workshop… but i’m in Austria and you are in th US…. won’t you publish a video… would be nice :)
I love Presentations in the “takeshi” style because the most content get’s delivered by explanaition and not by the slides… just throwing, things on the wall and saying this is it is stupid…
And Jason thanks for the GELConference tip watched the 1005 videos and i can say… cool

Chris Harris 05 Apr 06

Another off-topic: If you do a deal-of-the-day, shouldn’t you be having a deal every day? Could you hook up with the deal-of-the-day company that was on the deck for a while?

PS: The workshop looks like many college lecture theatres - except there are more macs present than usual ;)

Brad 05 Apr 06

Sebastian, I was just thinking the exact same thing! JF said to come to the seminar, but a) sells out b) new startup = limited funds. Being that, to even have a video version would be fantastic! I would definately pay for it!

I’d rather go to Chicago, view it in person and have a few beer and a night on the town, but … reality. Anyways, a downloadable video of the session would be nice… I read the book! Now I want to see the movie!

Steven 05 Apr 06

Getting Real the DVD….now that would be great!

Andrew 05 Apr 06

If you’re able to sell 5750 copies of your self-published Getting Real book for $19 in just 30 days, I wonder how many people would buy a $99 “VideoShop” from you guys? Hmmm…

joebart 05 Apr 06

Are you guys planning the next workshop yet? Have a date set?

I also love the idea of a Getting Real video or webinar, though in person is defitely the best way to go, I’m sure…

Matt 06 Apr 06

Nice political commentary. If only someone else, some other person on the internet could make such a unique, prescient and cogent statement about our current political climate. I’m thinking they could use a picture of George W. Bush and have something behind him saying something that is totally “not” what he is saying, and then, brilliantly, take what he is “not” saying and then turn it around and say “hey, this idiot, who managed to get elected president of basically, the planet, is a moron, and me, well me, i’m a supergenius”… didn’t you see how i made fun of dubya? fuck man…don’t you understand that i made some kind of web-based thing that helps you do things and now I am smarter than pretty much anyone? fuck..dude, you don’t get it at all.

Garth Oatley 06 Apr 06

Come to the UK and do one of these. I’ll buy you lunch.

ML 06 Apr 06

Nice political commentary.

Er, Matt, this wasn’t really a political commentary. It was just pointing out a mildly amusing similarity between two people talking with a text message behind them. Perhaps you need to stop looking for occasions to be offended?

warren 06 Apr 06

only one thing remains: joel spolsky vs. 37signals on functional specs. fight it out on reddit!

Steph Mineart 07 Apr 06

It’s funny to look at my notes and compare them to the slide deck; it becomes really obvious where I inserted my own interpretation, where I started daydreaming, and where I had note taking fatigue toward the end. Plus all DHH’s slides of beautiful code are missing entirely because there was no way to recreate that. In sort, my notes are no substitute for going to the actual workshop, so definitely go if you can.