Pimp cups and other bling needs Matt 10 Aug 2006

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Been looking for a custom-made pimp cup? Customcups.net has your back.

Our pimp cups are made of glass and the finest crystals and rhinestones. We take pride in the quality of our pimp cups.

Only the finest rhinestones. ‘Cuz you’re worth it.

pimp cupOptions include the 16 ounce “Keepin It Real” cup for “the Playa who is keepin it real, keepin it right, keepin it true and keepin it tight.”

If your bling needs go further than pimp cups, check out Iced Out Gear which carries cups, grillz, and LED dog tags and buckles (check out the special “Ballers Only” section — only if you qualify of course).

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Sam 10 Aug 06

And once you get your new pimp cup, snap a pic, and post it to www.blingbattle.com where you can see how your bling stands up.

Are you a balla or clown?

I love the internet

mike toreno 10 Aug 06


Don Wilson 10 Aug 06

So original mike toreno, how’d you get so funny? You’re hesterical!

Wyatt 10 Aug 06


Jough Dempsey 10 Aug 06

So I guess everything is available on the internet.

I’m wondering how you even found this link. Is this what comes up when you type “pimp cup” in Google?

Do you have a need to pimp your bevs? I’d think that this would go against the “less cup” ethos to which 37Sigs prescribes.

Robert Dewey 10 Aug 06

Oh man, that’s funny…

Greg 10 Aug 06

That cup is classier than all hell. Beyond classy.

I’m still trying to get my brain around the idea of $60 for a flask with glue-on rhinestones. Even with a good donor flask, that’s like $.25 per tiny piece of plastic glued on. Yeesh.

bi curious 10 Aug 06

LOL. Looks like DDH and Jason Friend have finally met the big one with all the l00t from backpack and basecamp. Congrats and be sippin on sizzurp with all the other “h0mi3s” ridin on dubs in the audi TT. Lol. BTW you rock! P.I.M.P.

Sebhelyesfarku 11 Aug 06

This ghetto shite is so pathetic.

Steve 11 Aug 06

Is it me or has this blog become, well, a blog?

Dave Woodward 11 Aug 06

Geeze… driving around in fancy Audis sippin on cognac from pimp cups. 37s has definitely jumped the shark.

Just wait until I get MY web application built. Then I will be driving around in a fancy Lotus sippin on single malt from a pimp mug. So there.

Louis 11 Aug 06

Iced Out Gear’s biggest customers.

Some people just have different priorities, I guess.

pixelclip 11 Aug 06

That’s the synonym of Kitsch. Great

David 11 Aug 06

NOTE: We’d rather not moderate, but off-topic, blatantly inflammatory…

Er… guys… lets think about this one for a minute. Is this post gratuitously offensive to anyone? Hm… wait a minute… OH YEAH! Now I remember! This post offends half the human race. AND it serves no useful purpose. Hmm. how ‘bout that.

Lateef Johnson 12 Aug 06

I will send 5$ to the first software developer or product manager who emails my friend Steve [email protected] (and cc:s me) a picture of a real business card from your company embazoned (in a realistc font) with the title “Functionality Pimp”.

zonker 24 Aug 06

I made the mistake of purchasing a pimp cup (as a gift! ;) from Iced Out Gear last fall…bad idea. They apparently use very cheap glue for the “glue-on rhinestones” and the lettering came off within 15 minutes. A total waste of money even for a gag gift. Plus, they’re *really* bad about getting your name off their e-mailing list.

maddy 30 Aug 06

it looks pritty but can pimp cups melt

maddy 30 Aug 06

it looks pritty but can pimp cups melt

maddy 30 Aug 06

it looks pritty but can pimp cups melt