Podcast: Om and Niall interview us Jason 11 Dec 2005

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Om Malik from Business 2.0 and Niall Kennedy just posted an interview with David and myself as a 30-minute MP3 (14 MB). This is part of their Om and Niall PodSessions series.

Most of the discussion revolves around Om’s Even in Web 2.0 Scale & Size Matter and our rebuttal entitled Don’t scale: 99.999% uptime is for Wal-Mart. Civilized head-butting ensues.

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Mathew Patterson 12 Dec 05

It was pretty civil, but then it never really got into any areas of deep disagreement, I thought.

Tomas Breen 12 Dec 05

Either way, it is always good to hear people talk about what they are passionate about.

Jason, you always come out of these discussions sounding level headed; willing to accept other peoples opinions; and not up your own ass.

Kudos to you for that. I believe that is where my own and many others respect for you comes from.

daniel 12 Dec 05

too bad the audio quality is insufferable.

Gary King 14 Dec 05

In response to daniel:

Yes, I think that the audio quality is really bad, as well. Better hardware would be nice. The volume moves up and down constantly, also.