Podcasts from the “The Future of Web Apps” conference Jason 26 Feb 2006

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Carson Workshops just put the podcasts online from the “The Future of Web Apps” conference earlier this month. Here’s the podcast for David’s session (which just happens to be 37 megs!) and here’s the all speakers panel discussion podcast. Good stuff.

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Robert Sharl 26 Feb 06

David’s session was fabulous, much kudos to him, and fans of straightforward, simple approaches to business should also check out Ryan Carson’s own account of how they created DropSend. Hell, check ‘em all out, and search Technorati for “futureofwebapps” tagged stuff. Tons of notes and pictures (including over 4000 words of live speaker notes I tyoed myself ;-) produced by the audience and some of the speakers.

Jamie Huskisson 26 Feb 06

Looks like the server is getting SLAMMED at the moment. I’m looking forward to hearing these when the server catches up :)

Bill P 26 Feb 06

Carson Workshops’ stock just went up a few more notches in my book.

I echo the kudos above - David and Ryan’s presentations were chock full o’ good stuff. I also really enjoyed Steffen Meschkat’s AJAX presentation.

Beyond giving away the podcasts, Carson is also selling Survival kits from all of the past workshops they’ve taught (including the Future of Web Apps conference Jason mentioned above). Code samples, tips, tricks, reading, etc. from each workshop presenter.

$45 should be a pittance for Dave Shea’s (css) Survival kit.

Don Wilson 26 Feb 06

Downloading at 10kb/s… I’ll wait a few hours to download.

Cooper 26 Feb 06

T minus 3 hours and 47 minutes until completion.

But, wow, this is awesome (well, will be). What a nice thing to do, kudos to them.

Aaron Blohowiak 26 Feb 06

Awesome. How about a Torrent (or would that be too web 1.8 ?)

Dave 26 Feb 06

Yeah, someone needs to throw up a torrent of this.

Scott Meinzer 27 Feb 06

Is there a PDF anywhere of the slides that go with this? That would be nice and make it easier to follow along. I checked the rails site but, alas, found nothing.

Josh 27 Feb 06

Looks like the MP3s are no longer available, except by purchasing the Summit Kit.

Lame2.0 27 Feb 06

Looks like the MP3s are no longer available, except by purchasing the Summit Kit.

Yeah, they say “we can no longer afford to give these away”, but that wouldn’t be the case if they’d put up a torrent. I guess they saw demand and decided to profit from it.

Dave 27 Feb 06

That’s f#$king lame as hell. Someone post a torrent!!!

Michael 27 Feb 06

Well, I think it is good value buying the kit, with the code snippets and all. The price however may be a bit to steep, but none the less I plan on ordering it later today.

Ryan Carson 27 Feb 06

Someone just offered to host them for us, so we’re going to set that up.

Glad everyone is enjoying them!

Eric 27 Feb 06

Has anybody been able to download these? Might be nice to make them a torrent and share. We could also make a gmail account and upload them there for all to share.

Eric 27 Feb 06

Awesome Ryan!

Josh 27 Feb 06

Great news, Ryan! Thanks

Brian 27 Feb 06

Just a small pet peeve, but just because an MP3 file is available online, does NOT make it a podcast! Why do we just say “Carson Workshops just put the [downloadable media (or MP3s)] online from the �The Future of Web Apps� conference earlier this month. “

Wejn 27 Feb 06

Brian: “downloadable media” is *NOT* buzzword-friendly, that’s why.

nursegirl 27 Feb 06

Brian: the Answers.com definition of podcast is “A non-music audio broadcast that has been converted to an MP3 file or other audio file format for playback in a digital music player… Podcasting is not just for on-going broadcasts, rather the term is used for recording anything and everything to be played back in a digital player.”

So, by that definition, the recordings are a podcast.

Brian 27 Feb 06

Wikipedia Definition of Podcasting
Podcasting is the distribution of audio or video files, such as radio programs or music videos, over the internet using either RSS or Atom syndication for listening on mobile devices and personal computers. A podcast is a web feed of audio or video files placed on the Internet for anyone to download or subscribe to, and also the content of that feed. Podcasters’ websites also may offer direct download of their files, but the subscription feed of automatically delivered new content is what distinguishes a podcast from a simple download or real-time streaming.

So the debate continues! Like i said, it’s more of a pet peeve than being outright incorrect. I just see “podcast” through around, when “Downloadable Media” would be the correct term.

Nils 27 Feb 06

So is it ok to listen to the podcast on my pc or do I have to use an iPod…?

Pius Uzamere 27 Feb 06

There’s something to be said for the idea that some “authoritative” definitions of a meme are simply wrong or at least not useful at all.

The Answers.com definition of this is a great example. If one were to believe that overbroad definition, one would also believe that people have not only been “podcasting” since the inception of WAV and MP3 files, but in fact they have been doing so since DAT was invented in the mid-eighties. Seems pretty ridiculous to me.

djd 27 Feb 06

But more importantly… where are they going to be hosted again?

I shouldn’t have waited until today to try and grab them!

Pius 27 Feb 06

@djd: thankfully they’ve already linked to the new files on the original site

djd 27 Feb 06

Those sneaky guys… I checked this morning but the site hadn’t been updated yet. Didn’t think to look again. Thanks Pius.

Pius 27 Feb 06

Something that may be useful to any U.S. folks listening to Carson’s talk: “Quid” is British slang for a pound sterling. I had no idea and had to look around online for a bit before finding it.

twoa7 28 Feb 06

You might want to check the link to the mp3. It’s inly 11.9MB and much of the talk is missing.