Radebaugh: The Future We Were Promised Matt 28 Apr 2005

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Check out the elaborate city landscapes (think Futurama or the Jetsons), sleek, Tuckeresque cars, and other industrial design concepts that bridge the gap between science fiction and modern design at Radebaugh: The Future We Were Promised. It’s an overview of the commercial illustrator’s work that anticipated “the future” of design, especially in the automotive industry.

Radebaugh’s virtuosic airbrush technique created luminous illustrations which conveyed the sleek, streamlined look of the future. From flying cars to glamorous skyscrapers, his renderings were both pragmatic and fantastical, showing possibilities unimagined, derived from the technology of the day.

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finn 28 Apr 05

“The Thirties dreamed white marble and slip-stream chrome, immortal crystal and burnished bronze, but the rockets on the covers of the Gernsback pulps had fallen on London in the dead of night, screaming. After the war, everyone had a car — no wings for it — and the promised superhighway to drive it down, so that the sky itself darkened, and the fumes ate the marble and pitted the miracle crystal…”

from “The Gernsback Continuum” by William Gibson

Zelnox 28 Apr 05

Haha, the APC is funny looking. Hahahahaha.

beto 28 Apr 05

This reminds me a line of conversation I had recently about this subject matter with a friend:

“It’s 2005, goddammit. Where is my flying car?”

Nice link.

Arne Gleason 29 Apr 05

The approaching moment is known before it arrives, the next second is anticipated with fine tuned precision, and the next hour is rarely a surprise. Tomorrow is guessed well only in the parts that resembled yesterday, and predictions of more distant futures are exponentially fictitious cartoons colored by the hopes and fears of the approaching moment� unless you have a valid credit card and the phone number to the physic-friends-network.

Arne Gleason 29 Apr 05

Typo. Should be �Psychic-Friends-Network� (don�t know what I was thinking)