Reboot 7, here we come 14 Apr 2005

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Thomas was kind enough to invite David and I to speak at Reboot 7 in Copenhagen on June 10-11. David will be talking Rails and I’ll be talking about Small Teams, UI design, and our Getting Real methods.

Reboot 7 speakers include Doug Bowman, Robert Scoble, Cory Doctorow, Doc Searls, David Weinberger, Jason Calacanis, Jimbo Wales, and many others over two days.

Who knows, we may have time for a Building of Basecamp workshop on June 8th or 9th in Copenhagen. Stay tuned.

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Matthew Oliphant 14 Apr 05

I’d go, but the site seems a bit underdeveloped so I can’t figure out how.

I clicked to figure out how to participate, but all I got was a text box and the sidebar (not even any nav elements).

Maybe I am just getting old.

Mike P. 15 Apr 05

Nah, the sites a bit off (pageid in one place, page_id in another…).

When I finally did get to the registration page, I saw this “For private individuals within the EU 25% Danish sales tax will be added”.


Mike P. 15 Apr 05

When in doubt, use the top nav, it works - looks like a good show.

Jarkko 15 Apr 05


25 % is a pretty standard VAT in many EU countries (UK, Sweden, Denmark at least AFAIK) although it is the highest around. Normally prices are announced incl. VAT but in these kind of situations where the target crowd is clearly business people they often leave the VAT away to look a bit more affordable. In this case, tho, the VAT will really apply to very few people as I think most of the participants can use some kind of business entity to pay the bill.

Oh yes, and I’m so going to be there :-)

Jacob B�tter 15 Apr 05

Jarkko is right, we do have a lot of VAT here, we generally have a lot of taxes.

I am going to be there, and I’d love to attend a “Building of Basecamp” seminar before. Set it up!

Andrew Kueneman 15 Apr 05

Not to get off-topic here, but did anybody notice that the reboot page is editable? My friend Freddie Mercury was able to change the content. He was nice and changed it back. Seems kind off fishy though.

uk bob 15 Apr 05

uk vat is 17.5% and we use a proper currency :)

Mike P. 15 Apr 05

Hey Jarkko,

No worries, It was just a bit shocking, that’s all. We may be around at the time, I hope I can attend!

Hartvig 17 Apr 05

-> Andrew

The whole site is a wiki and the idea is that everybody’s able to edit everything. You can discuss whether or not this is appropriate for all pages at the reboot site, but it’s definently not an error…

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal 18 Apr 05

25% VAT is very standard as Jacob writes.

In terms of the wiki we’ll make the frontpage static at some point - but all ready people are adding loads of information to the wiki which is amazing and really will be beneficial during and after the event with transcriptions of talks, etc.

Hope to see you here - let me know if anyone needs some help selling reboot to your boss!

Damien 23 Apr 05

Any word on a Building of Basecamp in Copenhagen? I’m looking about arranging travel etc for this conf, and would love to attend the BoB if it’s on. But if it’s not, then I’ll have to get back to work!

Any ideas?


Max 26 Apr 05

please think about doing a building of basecamp in copenhagen. you’d have three takers from our team right away!!

smi 10 Jun 05

Any chance of getting a PDF version of your presentation about small teams? I would love to circulate that around with some people…..