Recommendation: Attend Gel 04 Apr 2005

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Mark Hurst from Creative Good sure puts on a good show. If you are going to be in NYC at the end of April you should check out the Gel Conference. It’s a mixup of a bunch of folks from different industries and disciplines talking about what a “good experience” is. Some are designers, some are business people, some are musicians, some are writers, some are editors, some are all of the above. It sure makes for a great break from the typical conference. Go check it out if you have the means.

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One of several Steves 04 Apr 05

I unfortunately can’t make it this year, but I’ll echo Jason’s recommendation. GEL is a fabulous experience, and does a great job of reminding that ultimately it’s not the tools and techniques that are important, but the desire to create something that gives people what they want or need. That’s an easy point to forget when you’re constantly ass-deep in process and technique.