Relaxation tips from Dr. Weil 29 Mar 2005

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Dr. Weil, the Santa of medicine (and founder and Director of the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona), offers 10 tips on relaxation.

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Matt 29 Mar 05

Thanks for this Jason :)

ac 29 Mar 05

Less software, less code == more relaxation..:)

Scorched 29 Mar 05

I’ll add this to my tada list and try to read it when i have time to relax :)

Don Schenck 30 Mar 05

One word:


pek 30 Mar 05

I am suprised sex isn’t on that list. I always feel relaxed afterwards.

typical geek 30 Mar 05

sex? what is sex? is that similar to masturbation ?

duff 30 Mar 05

I recommend hypnosis cd’s from Dick Sutphen ( The website is horrid (I suggest calling for a paper catalogue if you are interested), but the cd’s are great for relaxing.

married guy 30 Mar 05

Sex? HA HA HA you obviously are not married.