Retro radios, calculators, etc. Matt 19 Jul 2006

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Vintage Technology hosts a vast collection of retro calculators, radios, and other gizmos. Some samples:

Omron 86 (btw, notice the calculator flavor in the design of new cell phone/PDAs like the Sony Ericsson M600i?)

Radio Rentals 66

There’s also a category for products that missed the mark, like the H&R Wondergram. Before the iPod, before the Walkman, there was this portable record player small enough to fit in your hand…

H&R Wondergram

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Steve Tucker 19 Jul 06

Many great products in the list that missed the mark. Weird how times change - most of them would probably be largely desirable as collectors items nowadays.

Mike 19 Jul 06

I love the Binocular Radio! What a combination, who wouldn’t want to be able to use their binoculars and listen to the radio at the same time. I smell a Microsoft product in the making!

Josh Teague 19 Jul 06

That Omron 86 calculator kind of reminds me of the OS X Dashboard calculator widget … it may be just because it has the orange accents, round buttons and all, but it’s pretty groovy. Anyone want to re-skin the widget to look like that? :)