Roller girls Matt 13 Jul 2005

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A slideshow of photos from the last Gotham Girls Roller Derby bout (Queens of Pain vs. Manhattan Mayhem).

#69 (IMG_4861)

The next bout is Friday night. If you’re in NYC, check it out. And a word to the wise: Don’t mess with Suzy Hotrod!

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Randy J. Hunt 13 Jul 05


Coudal 13 Jul 05

You got nothing on us Matt. Jamie, who works with us in the Chicago HQ for 37s and CP, is the captain of Hells Belles, the undefeated league leaders here in the matches than take place at the old Congress Theater. 1600 showed up last time, we’re planning a field trip for the next one.

Nathan 13 Jul 05

Sweaty rollergirls are flat out hot!

Eamon 13 Jul 05

The Fury RULES!!~! Hell’s Belles DROOLS!

Eamon 13 Jul 05

Also, the scoring was totally screwed up in the season opener. No way Double Crossers lost that match. No way.

f'n bored 13 Jul 05

Great. This crap is popular again?

Brain 14 Jul 05

In Seattle, we have the Rat City Rolller Girls.

Fred 14 Jul 05

This is probably the most informative post about “design, customer experience, entertainment, politics, Basecamp, products we like, small business, ourselves, and more”… ever.

Eamon 15 Jul 05

Oh, suck it up, buttercup. Roller derby clearly satisfies 55% of those requirements, not to mention the fact that Jamie’s a derby dame and thus hits the “ourselves” category square-on.