Ruby on Rails 0.13 is out 06 Jul 2005

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Our Ruby on Rails framework has sprouted version 0.13. It features 225 features/fixes and a ton of easy-AJAX stuff that makes things like dragging and dropping a cinch (as seen in this Backpack video demo). Read all about it on the Rails blog.

UPDATE: There’s a brand new Rails movie with narration and the Rails book is out of beta.

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Josh Williams 06 Jul 05

The Rails upgrade is terrific. We’ve already implemented several of the new features in an app we’re working on. Excellent stuff.

Ryan Heneise 06 Jul 05

Oooh goodie - getting a Rails update is like getting a tree full of Christmas presents. Ajax makes Javascript fun again.

James 06 Jul 05

Newbie confusion: I dig RORails and am wanting to learn to build web apps. I was going to learn php, but am now intersted in ruby due to ROR. We need to build web apps that tie into an IBM AS400 system…we’ve used perl thus far, but want to do it differently. Was going to learn php, but should I learn Ruby first (in your opinion) so I can then learn to utilize RORails? I want to learn both, but time is an issue right now and we have pressure to begin building. I somewhat confused as to how php/ruby/rails all works together. Your advice is very much appreciated.


Paul 07 Jul 05

The best way to leverage RAILs is by understanding Ruby James. PHP will not help you as much (if at all) when using RAILs.

Anonymous Coward 07 Jul 05

I used to date Ruby James in college. There is no understanding that woman.

Ruby James 07 Jul 05

WHATTTT!! Why does it always have to be about ME?!??

Paul Raskins 07 Jul 05

Congrats on yet another delicious release!

Question: you refer to it as “our Ruby on Rails”, dhh (I *think*) refers to it as his? My understading it is under an MIT license, but who owns the copyright?

Brian Doherty 07 Jul 05

James, depending on what you’re trying to do you may not have to ditch your previous perl work. I’m in a similar spot. We have perl scripts to pull data from the transactional system into the tables ROR uses; they work, why change them? We plowed through the tutorials on and were off to the races! This was easier for us because no one knows php here, and there aren’t any easy perl solutions. Sorry, I love perl, but it’s true. I’m a unix-head, so ASP may work fine but it isn’t for me.

Kyle 07 Jul 05

Paul: In OSS projects, each contributor owns the copyright to their individual contributions, unless they specifically assign it to another legal entity. IANAL

Gianni D'Alerta 08 Jul 05

Very excited about this new framework!!!

A couple of questions:
* Can I run a ruby rails application in IIS?
* Is there a forum setup for people creating Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications?
* Can someone give Jacob Patton and myself a good resource on learning MVC?

Would be great to have someone write a tutorial explaining the concept utizizing Ruby on Rails as the demo.

Eran 16 Jul 05

So much controversy between PHP and rails. There are at least two groups I know of that are putting PHP on rails. Sure it’s not the same, but I forsee this as a bridging to get PHP developers to transition to ROR. one is called PHPonTrax [URL:]PHP on Trax[/URL] and the other is called []Cake[/URL]. PHPonTrax really holds fast to the ROR approach, and appears to be farther along, while Cake has a more unique approach.