Ruby on Rails 1.0 is live (with a new site too) Jason 13 Dec 2005

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Ruby on Rails 1.0

Hey hey! Ruby on Rails is 1.0. We sprinkled a little 37signals dust on the new site to help make the announcement. A ton of really hard work went into getting 1.0 — and the site — ready. Big ups to the Rails Core Team (1/3 of which is made of up 37signals programmers). Check out some of the apps riding the Rails. This is just the beginning.

For the scrapbook: The original Rails 0.5 announcement on July 25, 2004.

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Chris Johanesen 13 Dec 05

Congrats! Now just to wait for Dreamhost to upgrade.

GWG 13 Dec 05

Roby = Typo? Or am I lost? Not being a spelling / grammar ass, just pointing it out.

Chris S 13 Dec 05

Rock on…

Mike Moscow 13 Dec 05

“Roby” on Rails?

Tony 13 Dec 05

Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see the word “Roby” anywhere…

Jesper 13 Dec 05

How about renaming “screencasts” to the more understandable “demo video” or “video tutorial”? Not everyone will be hip to the lingo, and I don’t understand myself where the ‘cast’ part comes from. Is it a derivate of podcasting? Well, if you’re serving up your video with a link on a website, it’s not podcasting. Is it just a word for broadcasting a video over the internet? That’s been around for ages - it’s known as “streaming”. This seems to be just lingo for its own sake, and it doesn’t seem appropriate for a framework whose intent is to simplify.

Good design, and congratulations on 1.0.

rob poitras 13 Dec 05

Congrats on 1.0

btw, what software is used for the screencasts?

I use macromedia captivate and text entry is not nearly as smooth.

Dan Boland 13 Dec 05

Rob Poitras: It looks like Snapz Pro X. And I concur that it’s great at what it does.

anon 13 Dec 05

Great, simple, easy site. FYI, in the 43things paragraph on the /applications page, should be “Its”… not possessive “It’s”.

Scott 13 Dec 05

FYI, the *link* for Strongspace (not the image, the link under it) is pointing to, rather then

Joel L. 13 Dec 05

…and the link to the “Roskilde ‘04: Introducing Rails” video should point to …/video/… rather than …/videos/…

Ryan Heneise 13 Dec 05

Awesome! Thank you Jason and everybody else for making my job SOO much easier!

Paul Boudreau 13 Dec 05


Awesome job gentlemen! Awesome job!

Brandon 13 Dec 05

The 43 Things link goes to Basecamp :/

Great job though… can’t wait to start using Ruby 1.0. You think a non-programmer can churn out any decent apps?

confused 13 Dec 05

I enjoyed the new design, but find the text too techie in spots.

“From the Ajax in the view, to the request and response in the controller, to the domain model wrapping the database, Rails gives you a pure-Ruby development environment.”

I have no idea what that text even says.

I understand that this info should exist on the Ruby site, not necessarily the RoR site, but it’s a missed opportunity because the Ruby site is a let down in this area; some of this stuff doesn’t have to be so unfriendly. More plain english please.

I will say the site has much better organization now; good hierarchy, and the clear navigation upfront is much appreciated; some great details for sure.

d moz 13 Dec 05

which book should i start with, if I am new at ruby …
agile or programming ruby???

Ryan Ripley 13 Dec 05

Get them both. :-) Work through the Shopping Cart chapters in Agile, then put that book away. Work through Programming Ruby, and then return to Agile. Helped me understand things much better… Your mileage may vary, just my .02


JH 13 Dec 05

Anon is almost right. The apostrophe has to go but not because it’s possessive (because that would be exactly wrong in this case).

“It’s”, with the apostrophe in place, is a contraction of “it is”.
If you’re going to be extremely uncouth it may possibly be a contraction of “it has”.

It NEVER means ANYTHING else.

I often wonder whether the whole problem is that nobody teaches it like that in schools anymore.

Sherwin Techico 13 Dec 05

Congrats to the RoR team! …again =)

Brad 13 Dec 05

On the Downloads page the link to the core team is listed as “/core.html” instead of “/core”.

Geof Harries 13 Dec 05

I agree with Ryan - get both books. I’m about half-way through Agile and it’s fantastic, but I can see it being limiting once you’re past the “understanding” phase. You’ll need the more advanced text to take your skills further.

For what it’s worth, I’m what most would consider a non-programmer. I come from a pure CFML background and know enough about PHP to do some basic crud tasks, but RoR has really hit a home run for me. It’s got a steep, but not overly terrifying learning curve.


d moz 13 Dec 05

I see, so agile is not too advanced that’s what i was worried about, because i already got two regular ruby programming books nothing with rails.. I was thinking after i get done with these first than i ll move to agile.
Thanks, for advices guys

Peter 13 Dec 05

Well, that’s the sexiest web framework site I’ve ever seen… of course that isn’t saying much…

Nice work!

Mark 13 Dec 05

Hate to jump on the bandwagon here, but wayfaring is both misspelled and points to a non-existent link because of the misspelling.

Otherwise it’s a cool site. I look forward to learning more and developing with it

Zeerus 13 Dec 05

under the “Who is already on rails” section the word Strongspace links to Basecamp instead of Strongspace. minor error you might want to fix…

whitelips 13 Dec 05

Wow, what just happened there? I think the new rails site is cool and all, but the design is way too similar to the design used on The gradient at the top of the page, the font used in the headings, link colors, etc. - all the same! Now rails looks just like another 37signals product.

Randy J. Hunt 13 Dec 05

An anomole in the strange English language:
“It’s” is not posessive, but is the contraction “it is.”
“Its” is posessive.

The Applications page is fine.

Andy Crouch 13 Dec 05

“It’s billed…” is correct. “It’s grand vision…” is not.

I understand Coudal Partners recently let a copywriter go. Perhaps you should hire him!

namelessmike 13 Dec 05

Congratulations and thank you to all who’ve had a hand in this. And thanks for the redesign as well. Makes it much easier to sell to people now without giving them a list of must read links. Perfect! @whitelips: rails is, in a sense, a 37s product.. in as much any open source package is the product of its originator. @confused: rails’ main intended audience are developers, as it a developer’s tool. Such language is not foreign to us. Making it more “english” would not serve this purpose clearly.

And as for the typos… Just launch it, eh! *just kidding, well not really*

Me 13 Dec 05

Grats, Jason!
Can I have your baby now ;)

Dan Cheail 13 Dec 05

Congratulations guys :)

Rabbit 13 Dec 05

Aye, congrats all. New site is MUCH better. I expect no less from 37S.

DHH, I would kiss your ass if you’d let me. :) (Not just for Rails, but turning me onto Ruby - schaweet language.)

Nathan Ridley 14 Dec 05

Nice work guys. I was just checking out the online book with the cartoons spliced throughout the content and I pissed myself laughing! Very funny stuff and a great credit to the platform.

Mdemeglio 14 Dec 05

The Putting Flickr On Rails screencast is amazing! Is the source posted anywhere? I’ve got to try it for myself. I agree about the Agile book - you gotta get it and work through it - one of the best books I’ve read/used in a long while.

Great job, great site, great framework!

Andrew 14 Dec 05

Mdemeglio, that Flickr app’s source is like 10 lines of code, just type it in yourself. Almost all the magic is really in the Flickr gem, which is a one-line install.

Stephen 15 Dec 05

Is the site written in PHP?

Mdemeglio 16 Dec 05

Thanks Andrew - worked like a champ.

wibo 17 Dec 05

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