Ruby on Rails turns 1 27 Jul 2005

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Happy birthday Ruby on Rails!

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Jim Jeffers 27 Jul 05

So did you guys at 37 signals basically develop this entire framework yourselves?

David Heinemeier Hansson 27 Jul 05

We developed everything for the first 0.5 release that is 1 year old today. Since then, hundreds of people have contributed with ideas, code, and bug reports. Today it’s truly a community project, but with a strong guiding hand from yours truly.

It’s run in the familiar “benevolent dictator” style that has worked so well for so many open source projects (including Ruby, the language, itself).

Tristan Dunn 27 Jul 05

It turned 1 the day after I turned 20. :)

I’m only just now getting started after a long wait, mainly due to not knowning Ruby and not being able to find a good host for it. Dreamhost is looking good though. I developed my first application, for a client, in just 10 hours. I’m working on a forum at the moment and it’s coming along nice. Definitely a great piece of work, which I’m sure you don’t get tired of hearing.

Looking for forward to many more years with it.

Jan 27 Jul 05

> It turned 1 the day after I turned 20. :)

I can do better than that ;) It turned 1 the same day I had my birthday (22 if you really want to know :))
Though I haven’t done much with Rails yet. I recently read the tutorial in agile web development with rails, and built the depot application. Pretty cool stuff

Seth 27 Jul 05

Thank you rails and thanks DHH! I’m just finishing my first site in rails and I can’t be any happier with it.

Now make it easy to paginate HABTM associated records and you will win my undying support :)

Jim Jeffers 27 Jul 05

Well, I’m glad you did and I’m glad the open source community has gotten into the scene. I’m already convincing new clients to take the leap and they are loving it :)