Sausage, bacon, AND ham…Meat’normous Matt 11 Oct 2005

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Meat'normousThe breakfast gods can be cruel. For years, they have forced you to choose just one pork product to accompany your morning meal. Now, Burger King brings this reign of terror to an end with the new Meat’normous omelet sandwich. Sausage, Bacon, AND Ham…together at last.

Meat upon Meat. Upon Meat…Wake up to a mouthful of breakfast with the Meat’normous Omelet Sandwich. Two slices of melted American Cheese, two fluffy eggs, three crispy strips of bacon, two sizzling sausage patties and two slices of ham, piled high on a toasted bun. The Meat’normous Omelet Sandwich from Burger King. So big, breakfast will never be the same.

You see, with the Meat’normous, Burger King laughs in the face of proper apostrophe usage and nutritional guidelines alike. Take that, you “Fast Food Nation”-reading, “Super Size Me”-watching pinko activists!

And if the Meat’normous isn’t disturbing enough for ya, check out BK’s new “Wake Up With the King” ad campaign. He’s handsome and all, but I think I’ll pass.

Burger King Pulls a Fast One on Dieters []
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Sam Andrews 11 Oct 05


Spike 11 Oct 05


Ray Kroc 11 Oct 05

What a load of hype.

Chris Harrison 11 Oct 05

You forgot to mention the new Double Crossan’wichs or Triple Whoppers… For years people have complained about McD’s fattening up America… but it looks like BK’s trying put us on the fast track.

Let’s not forget Hardee’s either… their 2/3lb Monster ThickBurger is a heart attack waiting to happen.

AQ 11 Oct 05

Man, I was all pumped to crawl out of my dingy Massachusetts whole this morning and grab my usual Dunk Donut’s Steak Egg and Cheese on a Toasted Everything Bagel, but … Burger King it is.

Jan 11 Oct 05

I would have to be very, very drunk to eat that crap :)

Diane 11 Oct 05

Damn, why don’t they just offer to shoot you in the face with a gun? Did Homer Simpson come up with this thing?

Filthy_Pervert 11 Oct 05

Holy shit!

I’m scared to death by that all-in-one mess. How can a normal human eat something like this in the morning? :)

Gronko 11 Oct 05

OMG, why oh why don’t we have Burger King in Bulgaria?

Martin 11 Oct 05

Because in Bulgaria most people still have taste and can distinguish food from waste?

Eww. 11 Oct 05


GonZ[+] 11 Oct 05

There’s just no need for the ham!

Ed Knittel 11 Oct 05

Homer: Are you saying you’re never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
Lisa: No.
Homer: Ham?
Lisa: No.
Homer: Pork chops?
Lisa: Dad, those all come from the same animal.
Homer: Heh heh heh. Ooh, yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.

The King has found that magical animal, Homer, and has made it into a Meat’normous breakfast sandwich.

Josh 11 Oct 05

Yummy! Meat in the morning! Seriously, though, it sounds like you’re blaming this on Burger King. I can buy a tub of Crisco at my neighborhood supermarket, but I don’t blame them when I eat the whole thing like I did last Saturday.

Daniel Morrison 11 Oct 05

I’ve been making fun of this sandwich for days now… its just so ridiculous, as is the name.

Baeck 11 Oct 05

I can feel my arteries slamming shut just looking at that thing.

Chris Harrison 11 Oct 05

Know what you get when you eat these suckers? Meaty fecal impactions.

Now that’s a meaty morning!

Arcanum-XIII 11 Oct 05

Uhmmm. Somehow, it’s kind of logical American people are fat ;)

Dan Boland 11 Oct 05

I don’t know, it doesn’t seem that extravagant to me. Go to any deli and you’ll see sandwiches with a hell of a lot more meat on them than this thing. Or go to IHOP and get the same thing on a plate. I guess the difference is that it’s Burger King (i.e. fast food).

I read an article with the CEO (I think) of Burger King talking about his plans for turning Burger King around. One is making shit like this to attract white 20-something males who will eat this kind of stuff. He also talked about bringing back “the King” (he said something to the effect of “we had one of the recognizable icons in America and we weren’t using it”), and also talked about his reasoning behind having a veggie burger. His basic point was that a lot of times groups won’t go somewhere to eat because of one person that can’t be accommodated. Veggie burger sales aren’t huge, but if the vegetarian brings his/her crowd along because of that choice, it’s a much bigger increase in sales.

Dan Boland 11 Oct 05

And about the “Angus Diet,” didn’t it say in big letters at the bottom of the screen something to the effect of “of course this isn’t a diet, don’t be an idiot”?

Tim Uruski 11 Oct 05

I wish the ad copy read what they were really saying: “Wake up to a mouthful of meat!”

I second Sam’s *puke* because I’m pretty sure humans weren’t built to consume that much protein before chasing it around a little bit. (read: hunting)

Rob Cameron 11 Oct 05

Damn I love Burger King. I’ve gotta try one of these this weekend. I tried the regular omelete one but it didn’t do anything for me.

They finally found another use for their good ol’ chicken sandwich bun!

David 11 Oct 05

Ed - I love that Simpson’s quote, exactly what I was thinking.

This new heart’ttack sandwich kinda reminds me of all the V8 cars that American car companies are coming out with in spite of rising gas prices. What are they thinking?

Don Schenck 11 Oct 05

A challenge.

In the words of one great thinker, “Bring it on!”

Mark 11 Oct 05

So, out all of you who are poo-pooing the over-abundance of meat on this thing are sitting there working on your second or third can of Red Bull or Monster Energy already this morning?

Dave Simon 11 Oct 05

Ed beat me to the “magical animal” Homer-quote. That’s been in my head every time I see the ad for this thing.

What I do like about it (I haven’t eaten one) is that Burger King is doing the quintessential American thing to do. A pretty bold middle finger to all the food Nazis who want to control what we all eat. It’s a statement of independence.

Fast food isn’t supposed to be your main source - and if it is, it will make you fat. But having fun and eating something decadent every once in a while is a good thing, IMHO.

Seth Werkheiser 11 Oct 05

Anyone notice Burger King’s new “re-branding” of their coffee? Solid color cups, big bold JOE titles, or something. I saw a very brief bit on a commercial, and a sign on a Burger King on the Lower East Side. Hmmmm….

Jemaleddin 11 Oct 05

I can’t help thinking of the Buffy episode (0612?) where she goes to work at the Double Meat Palace which sells combination Hamburger/Chicken sandwiches. She’s convinced that there’s something wrong with the place thinking that they’re using people in the double meat patties, but uncovers a much more horrible truth: There is no meat in the double meat sandwich, only tofu.

JClark 11 Oct 05

Anyone who takes that whole “Angus Diet” thing seriously is an idiot. Even if you think it’s a real diet, nowhere in those commercials do they claim that this diet is a weight loss diet, just a diet. Diet doesn’t equal weight loss. If you eat nothing but pork fat, that’s a pork fat diet.

Claiming that Burger King “pulled a fast one” is a journalist despirate for a scary story.

Baeck 11 Oct 05

Anyone notice the Google ads on this page?:

Blood Sausage
Cajun Sausage
German Sausage
Meat Recipe

How appropriate :-)

Chris S 11 Oct 05

Overindulgance of most consumables as a lifestyle typically leads to negative consequences. Occasional moderate indulgence is usually no big deal.


I sometimes wonder how many food nazis get drunk on a regular basis.

Now if you’ll ‘scuse me, I’m a gonna chase down a slab of ribs with a bottle of Cuervo.

vic 11 Oct 05

I think I’m going to be sick!

Brian L 11 Oct 05

I don’t know about everyone else, but that king creeps me out.

Ian Ashley 11 Oct 05

Am I the only one who thinks the new Burger King mascot is creepy?

I never eat at Jack In The Box, but their advertising firm is right-on.

Chopper 11 Oct 05

In the voice of Sam Jackson: “Ah, hamburgers…the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast…”

Don Wilson 11 Oct 05

“Tell them 37s sent you” ;)

Anyway, the only thing that looks appealing on this sandwhich is the bun. Finally someone decides to make a breakfast sandwhich that is something other than a biscuit or croissant.

Prince Burger King 11 Oct 05

New Burger King mascot? The King has been around for at least 25 years. He’s supposed to make you uncomfortable because he OWNS YOUR ASS!

Eamon 11 Oct 05

Looks good to me. I want one.

Chris S 11 Oct 05

Don…you’re on!!! Cigars (good ones) are my weakness.

I agree totally. When I saw the first BK commercial with the new “king” (peeping in windows, waking up in bed next to the guy, etc.) I thought , “that’s a good way to get your ass shot out here where I live.”

dusoft 11 Oct 05

Who would eat that anyway, if not forced by gun by his head?

aynne 11 Oct 05

this is so disgusting I don’t know where to begin…

GonZ[+] 11 Oct 05

I’d eat it… have you never had a hangover?

Adam Roth 11 Oct 05


John 11 Oct 05

How is this different from a full English or Irish breakfast? Bacon, sausage, egg, fried bread, chips, kitchen sink, etc. (BK probably adds a few more lashings of grease and preservatives, but still.)

I wouldn’t be caught dead ordering a sandwich like that, but I imagine they are selling rather well. You pays your money and you takes your chances.

Rachel 12 Oct 05

Fast food establishments- making it easier and easier for us to consume the entire recommended daily allowance of fat, calories and sodium all in one convenient, portable package.

But can we put all the blame on Burger King- think about how much research goes into this crap- if there wasn’t a market for it, they wouldn’t have made it. The fact that they were like- “What will people eat? As research shows, a sandwich with half a sow on it!” is just truly horrifying. I’m so glad I live in Manhattan where a good number of people still eat vegetables- you know, without them being batter-dipped and covered in cheese sauce.

Reuben Whitehouse 12 Oct 05

I agree with Rachel - this stuff wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a market for it, which is a sad thing.

Fast food always leaves you feeling terrible afterwards. I often cook myself bacon and eggs for breakfast but I let em cook in their own fat and I never feel greasy / sick after that so it is kinda worrying what these places must add to their food.

It’s WAY cheaper, healthier and often tastier to buy fresh veg and meat and get creative with yer cooking.

Michael Martine 12 Oct 05

This was news months ago.

matthew 12 Oct 05

personally, i prefer the breakfast burrito from chik-fil-a

Jaime Macias 12 Oct 05

Great Ads, probably not the best dietary choice. I saw a spanish languge print ad which basically read “Butcher’s Shop between Bread” which was also very clever (it’s better in spanish). Over all the King Character and his interaction is great.

Marie Carnes 12 Oct 05

Well, I think we all know what meat’normous is really a euphemism for. Eh, King? Sex in advertising. Just not delivered the way you’re used to.

Jeff 12 Oct 05

Somehow I doubt it holds a candle to the Hungry Man All Day Breakfast

Check out the cholesterol on that thing - nevermind the fat and calories.

I did eat it once, and couldn’t quite finish the whole thing before I started to feel a bit sick.

Mr. Joel Dueck 13 Oct 05

Standing in place of ommitted letters is absolutely a correct use of the apostrophe.

And what is this supposed to mean, “BK pulls a fast one on dieters”?? Is Burger King somehow tricking dieters into eating something they shouldn’t? Are they switching these burgers out with people’s salads just before the fork gets to their mouth?

How about just “Burger King Introduces New Burger.” This is not news.

Wackyass 14 Oct 05

I can’t stop laughing about the whole thing. The huge King head, waking up next to a guy, taking a pass for a touchdown, showing up next to a guy with a chainsaw, & cruising. Once I saw & heard the Meat’Normous, I never stopped to actually entertain getting one but can’t stop laughing about Meat On Top Of Meat On Top Of Meat voice then reading these threads! ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!! My eyes are tearing again writing this!

MNFan 31 Oct 05

Listen, you primative screwheads. It’s none of YOUR business to tell anyone else what to eat, sell, buy, think or super-size. Perhaps choose a cliche: “Live and let live.” As a scientist, I know that a non-meat diet is not healthy, for example, but I’m not going to go around angry and condescent to vegans. I ate a Meat’Normous this morning, and brought two for my co-workers. “But why,” some say, “the Meat’Normous? Why choose this as our goal?” And they may well ask why climb the highest mountain? Why, 78 years ago, fly the Atlantic? Why does Rice play Texas?” We choose to eat the Meat’Normous!

It’s a limited-time offer, anyway. So why not pry your closed minds open juuust for a short while and find some tolerance? I’d sure appreciate it if you’d stop trying harsh the mellow of your fellow Americans in their pursuit of happiness.

Ashley 04 Nov 05

You know, I worked at BK when that damn sandwich first came out… The last time they did the f-ing Star Wars thing… I found out some inside crap. Did anyone know that that stupid sandwich takes the average metabolism 10 hours to digest that sh*t? 10 flipping HOURS???? And that’s coming from the corporation. And the meat isn’t all that great. It soaks in it’s own grease for a few hours before ever getting used.

MNFan 14 Dec 05

How long do you think it takes to digest precious, organic, out-of-the-ground CORN? Oh wait, we never digest the kernels! Please. If you eat nothing but grapes you’ll die too. It’s good to pass on information so peoiple can make informed choices, but in the end we must respect the choice people make, and stop trying to tell everyone how to live their lives.