Save Naz, Grey Matter Matters 25 Mar 2005

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Naz Hamid of Chicago’s Gapers Block was recently in a pretty horrible bicycle accident. He wasn’t wearing his helmet (please wear yours), but that aside, he’s uninsured and needs your help. His medical bills have topped $10,000. Here’s a look at his injuries. If you can help I’m sure he’d appreciate it. He’s collecting donations via PayPal at this address: work [at] weightshift dot net. Thanks for helping.

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Steve, via Den, Fla and now RDU 25 Mar 05

As a former bike racer I�ve had my share of crashes. I once had to push a partner home from Evergreen CO to southeast Denver after a nasty spill. Just sleeping hurts. I�ll contribute.

stingy asshole 25 Mar 05

Hear is a tip. Wear a helmet next time.

Andrew 25 Mar 05

Hey stingy, a helmet wouldn’t have been much good in Naz’s case, unless he wore a motorcycle helmet. He landed not just head first but face first — most of his injuries still would have occurred.

But you go with your asshole self.

Ken 26 Mar 05

Hear is a tip. Wear a helmet next time.

Here is a tip, learn how to spell.

middle man 26 Mar 05

“Hear is a tip. Wear a helmet next time.

Here is a tip, learn how to spell.”

Here is another tip, learn to get your tips straight. Technically that’s not a spelling error. Hear is spelled correctly. It’s a grammatical error.

To both of you (the asshat and Ken) - let’s stay on topic here.

I hope he starts feeling better soon because I felt his pain just looking at that poster. Interesting way to make light of something so serious (not meant in a negative way).

Should probably be used as a national campaign to get people to wear motorcycle helmets (with face guards).

Ken 28 Mar 05

Good point, middle man — my quick wit was easily dulled by such a ridiculous comment. Touche.

I’m not sure how much he’s raised by now, but I hope whatever the total, it’s enough to help him overcome this. I assume being injured must be seriously cutting into his time for freelance work (Naz’s bread and butter)…

MrBlank 28 Mar 05

I hate to be the jerk, but how can you be in a bike race in the city (not to mention he rides his bike all the time as transportation and has been hit by a car before) and still not have health insurance? Get a helmet and fix your priorities, please?

But, still, I feel sorry for him. Those pictures look awful.

Mr. Mister 29 Mar 05

Do you know why I am not “self-employed” right now? So I’ll have health insurance, that’s why. Why should we donate money to an idiot who doesn’t know how to be an adult?