Screens Around Town: Inspired #2 Matt 22 May 2006

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Some more of the screens that are inspiring Signal vs. Noise readers:

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joe 22 May 06

So along with the theme of self promotion on last week… -how many of these were self submitted?

Stefan 22 May 06 is amazing, top-notch tech used in an unobtrusive way. i love it.

KM 22 May 06

CollectiveX looks good, similar icons to

Rahul 22 May 06

I’ve always loved Cabel’s, although the question of whether draggable shopping cart items really adds anything to the UI remains. Pimping something as artistically unique as Katamari Damacy is always a good thing.

Chris: I always felt that joshuaink was a little “top-heavy” — like the idea was great for an immediate on-load snapshot, but as soon as you start scrolling around or delving deeper into the site, you kind of realise that not much else is going on. The daisies are nice, though.

What’s the general impression of the new Flickr? Surprising that no one has mentioned it yet.

Jeff Werner 22 May 06

Great little post here., I clicked immediately and clicked all. Feels good to think about cool design again.

George 23 May 06

I watched the videos, all 7 of them, and I just don’t get it.

The web-app looks very, very nice but I really don’t understand what someone, or a business, uses it for.

Is it a Calendar app with a bunch of other stuff? I’m so confused, if anyone understands please fill me in.

Again, the product looks very nice and probably took considerable time to develop … I just want to better understand what it is.