Screens Around Town: Ugly on purpose Matt 21 Sep 2006

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Is there a time and place for bad design? These entertainer sites definitely strive for “cool ugly.”

Jagshemash! Borat’s site is a mess but what did you expect? Reminds me of Mahir a bit. The frantic MySpace add badge is a clever touch.

Soulwax’ frameariffic layout is certainly, um, different. Good luck trying to actually get any info here though.

Comedian TJ Miller does not have a website. Links include “Nothing about TJ Miller,” “Not Home,” “Broken HyperLinks,” etc. Does not contain this video where TJ claims women are intimidated by him because he knows so much about giraffes.

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Sandy 21 Sep 06

Borat’s page keeps us laughing HARD at work. It hits it just right: perfectly bad web design :-)

Ryan Heneise 21 Sep 06

Whatever you do DON’T click on The Myspaces! (At least, if you do, don’t scroll down.)

Spike 22 Sep 06

Zach Braff’s website is beautiful:

James 22 Sep 06

hmmm reminds me of the classic:

I remember that site from over 4 years ago. Still makes me laugh.

Chriztian Steinmeier 22 Sep 06

Oh, and don’t forget - he’s as hilarious as his gutarplaying :-)

Marcin 22 Sep 06
promo site of polish movie (and it is written in Rails…)

Lau T. 22 Sep 06

Older spoof IKEA fan site:

Notice how the left frame is just narrow enough to provoke horizontal scrolling.

Ralf 22 Sep 06

Oldschool from Germany:

Daniel 22 Sep 06

Soulwax site is a really clever imitation of the worst (still interesting) real life information design that I know of - unofficial ad boards for music clubs and concerts.

How do people scan these for information? How do they know which thorough encrypted and spasmically drawn poster is actually worth trying to decrypt? What are the codes for great bad design and just plain bad design that make one poster stand out before the others (except that it’s pinned on top of them)?

I’m really interested. They must work, why would the designers go on if they didn’t? And they do work - people visit those concerts. But how?

Torley 23 Sep 06

What gets Soulwax’s site down for me is the scroll bars—the Aqua just doesn’t work the rest of the thematic!

Sacha Cohen (not to be confused with Sasha Cohen, hehe) is hilarious—Borat reminds me of Mahir as much as Ali G reminds me of Armand Van Helden.

Does anyone know a detailed analysis of why frames faded from popularity? There are few sites with frames I really enjoy using, Bloglines being one of them.

Giovanni 25 Sep 06

Galaxy Quest did it in 1999:

This homage even extended to the original marketing of the movie, including a promotional website intentionally designed to look like a poorly constructed fan website, with “screen captures” and poor HTML coding. This was in imitation of the countless similar websites devoted to Star Trek.