Shadow art Matt 13 Dec 2005

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Ellis Gallagher traces shadows of objects on sidewalks in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. The story includes a great picture of Gallagher drawing the shadow of a stop sign and explaining why to a curious kid.

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Bryce 13 Dec 05

Now that guy is keeping it Real. Nice, inspirational story. Thanks for sharing, Matt.

Mike B 13 Dec 05

Someone’s been painting shadows permanently on to the sidewalk in black in chicago for a few years now. The best is on Diversey where several newspaper dispensers used to be, now only a shadow remains.

Luke 13 Dec 05

Nice stuff, but I saw this years ago now in Sydney, so not that original…

Mike Moscow 13 Dec 05

some cat used to do the same thing down on south beach here in miami in the early 90’s. Supposedly he got busted and got hired right after by a design agency…

Jamie 13 Dec 05

And someone’s been spray painting shadows of signposts and things on Brick Lane in London for years.

Still, the NYT makes a good story.

Jeff Hartman 13 Dec 05

I’d like to see some of the drawings with the shadow no longer in it. Would it still look as cool?

csw 14 Dec 05

And he’s been doing for far too long now. It’s old, obnoxious and derivative. At first it might have been cute as a Smith-Street-bar- or mugging-inspired doodle, but it soon evolved into a tired self-promotion technique akin to the street art campaigns that are growing more common in the cities. Now that he’s made it to the Times I pray he stops. I like the random litter of Brooklyn as art far more than chalk outlines with a giant signature beside them.

csw 14 Dec 05

Add an “it” to that first sentence, please. Anywhere you like, but I recommend placing it between “doing” and “for”.

Cream of Wheat 14 Dec 05

True that. It’s amazing how amused people are by such unimaginative deeds these days.

On the other hand, it shows that celebrity is yours for the taking.

Fabrice 16 Dec 05

This is nice. But a guy named Zevs has been doing this for years in Paris.