Shin, tree branches, x-ray, giraffe legs, scouring rush Matt 11 May 2006

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shin Connections Connections Connections Connections

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Anonymous Coward 11 May 06

Ok, I give up. Where’s Waldo?

John S. 11 May 06

I give up too. Connect the dots for us unwashed masses.

Gayle 11 May 06

I get the connection in the images.. what I want to know is how the hell did you FIND those images to come up with the connection? And WHY?

Mark 11 May 06

Organic design. Compare these shapes with the 37 logo and their mantra.

My guess anyway

AW 11 May 06

Interesting - its as if nature is manifesting 37’s logo.

The Shins 11 May 06

Shin. It’s the hebrew letter up there, that’s the connection, he found images shaped like SHIN

Noah 11 May 06

Isn’t this post just noise in the signal?

ML 11 May 06

Just a little sampling of “intelligent design.” Decide for yourself if there’s a thread.

Mike Rundle 11 May 06

Boy, does that take me back to Hebrew school.

Ben Kittrell 11 May 06

“Interesting - its as if nature is manifesting 37�s logo.”

This is very interesting, a natural progression.

I’m reading Getting Real right now, and almost everything in this book is something I’ve recently realized as part of my start-up. For example, the “Context over Consistency” I’ve been programming for a long time, and I just now realized that it’s more important that disparate pieces of an app behave according to their context, and not just adhere to some asinine framework I dreamt up. Then a month later I read it in a book. Almost everything I’ve read in Getting Real has been like this.

It’s almost as if there’s a natural progression of ideas that anyone who’s involved in common things will follow. I’m just a little behind I guess.

sham 11 May 06

Fractal geometry is beautiful.

Wyatt 11 May 06

Did I mention that this is by far the dumbest post by any blogger ever… ever.

Mayor West 11 May 06

Box. Toaster. Aluminum. Maple Syrup. … No, wait! I take back that last one. I’ll save that for later.

Don Schenck 11 May 06

Another post that’s either “You get it” or you don’t.

It has to deal with perception … passion … senses … observation.

Go pick up a baseball and just hold it for a while. Now do you “get it”.

If not … sorry.

JF 11 May 06

We love you Don.

e!ia 17 May 06

The beautyness of nature is a sort of love declarations toward us human beings.


You must educate yourself to Beauty to see it, so not everyone is going to weep tears hearing a M. Brecker solo or watching a Millet’s painting. Hence I think no-one is inevitably exluded from this act of love.