Signal vs. Noise in the Wall Street Journal today 30 Jun 2005

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The front page of the Home & Family section (read the story online - valid for 7 days) of today’s Wall Street Journal features an article on Homespun Expertise on the Web. There’s a kind mention of this blog as well as a screenshot of the Drawers in the stairs entry from a few days ago. Thanks for the mention, Kara (and thanks for the photo Sam)!

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Fintan 30 Jun 05

Congrats. :)

Justin Perkins 30 Jun 05

Nice. Funny they also caught the Minor Threat vs. Nike thing too (although it is not mentioned in the caption).

Kevin Milden 30 Jun 05

This just shows how news paper (while will always be around) are on their way out. Pulling stories from SVN for the WSJ is pretty funny. Some one at WSJ is watching the signals for ideas and now content for the paper.

Justin Goodlett 30 Jun 05

Congrats guys! I know it must be great to see something like that.

Callum Mcleod 30 Jun 05

Well done guys :) I think they need to work on their screenshot technique to limit it to relevant information though.

Fred 30 Jun 05

Give me a break.

Arturo 30 Jun 05

So, you are “trying to sell several useful pieces of project management and information software”…? ;)

GuidoA 01 Jul 05

Funny how they claim “you find these good tips only on blogs, not in (traditional, let’s say) magazines”, while in the very screenshot you can read that the tip was lifted from a decoration book. How more “traditional” can it get? :P

Peter 01 Jul 05

Basecamp 3 - “The web-based lifestyle management tool for your networked family” As seen in the New York Times!
Congrats guys.

Walt McElligott, editor CWA CLARION out 7/1/05 01 Jul 05

chicagobloggers posted WSJ info, congrats.

bort 03 Jul 05