Signal vs. Noise Job Board dashboard widget for OS X Jason 09 May 2006

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The folks at 36 Degrees Design have cooked up an OS X Dashboard Widget for the Signal vs. Noise Job Board. If you haven’t checked out the Job Board lately you should. You’ll find over 60 design, programming, and executive jobs from companies large and small.

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j. weir 09 May 06

if you want to only see jobs in your area, add the following line

if(newsItems[x][‘description’].match(/New York/g) == null) {continue}

to line 337 of gumtree.js

replace New York with whatever place your want. I recommend Bermuda.

Anonymous Coward 09 May 06


you need to restart the widget before changes take effect. remove then drag back the widget.

to edited a widget:
find the widget in Library/Widgets
control click on it
click on Show Package Contents

you could parse for multiple locations by using

.match(/Venus|Mars|Mercury/g )

that little pipe ( | ) is an OR

this is called a Regular Expression and is a very powerful method of parsing text:

(yes, i am procrastinating)

Don Wilson 09 May 06

Useless to me, but cool design.

Jane 09 May 06

I was fired last manth.
i am finding a job.

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