SOLD OUT: Building of Basecamp on April 22 in Chicago, IL 14 Mar 2005

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The next Building of Basecamp workshop in Chicago on April 22 sold out in only 1 week. We are considering adding a second date (April 21), but it's probably 50/50 at this point.

For those who signed up, thanks a bunch — this was our fastest selling session yet. For those who missed it, stay tuned for the announcement of more dates. If any seats open up for Chicago we'll post a note here.

If you're at eTech in San Diego this Wednesday, be sure to catch my Lessons learned while building Basecamp session.

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John Zeratsky 14 Mar 05

I am shocked at how quickly this filled up! I’d love to be there, so please let me know if a spot opens up or if you add a date.

Mike M 14 Mar 05

I’ve been out on paternity leave for the last week plus and have been a bit out of the loop. I’d love to attend the Chicago date if any spots open up (or another date is added)…

Bill Bulman 15 Mar 05

Jason - I hope you add a second event in Chicago, as I wanted to register 2 folks from our team, and was too slow…

Ryan Smith 15 Mar 05

I would love to attend the second Chicago Basecamp event as well … if you open up another day, I’ll also bring 2 other guys with me. Letting me know if you open the second day might be helpful too.

Jason Bellows 15 Mar 05

I also tried to book a seat minutes after it sold out. If you open up another date you can count me in.

Max Niederhofer 15 Mar 05

Jason - we’re two more guys who’d love to get in on a second day. Please, please make it happen!

Shawn 18 Mar 05

For what it’s worth, I can assure you that two more seats would likely be taken if you add another on the 21st.