Sprint signage TCOB Matt 23 Sep 2005

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Can we put whoever runs Sprint’s “taking care of business” signage department in charge of the company’s “it’s not our fault” customer service? [via Gawker]

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Benjy 23 Sep 05

While Sprint took care of this, I am always amazed at how many companies (or their landlords) don’t. It does affect ones impression of a business/location. I also can’t believe when companies don’t invest in new sets of marquee letters and used different sizes, colors, repurpose letters (upside-down M for a W), etc.

Dave Simon 23 Sep 05

There is a strip-mall type building here in Bozeman that still has the shadow of the name of the business that was there ten years ago and two businesses (at least) ago.

The outdoor gear store Northern Lights moved, making way for Mailboxes Etc., which became the UPS Store.

Mailboxes Etc. moved in at least 8 years ago, probably more like 10. But I can still read “The Northern Lights” on the building.

I’m glad that kind of thing bothers other people! I thought I was overly picky or something. Glad I’m “normal.”

Dan Boland 23 Sep 05

Yeah, that bugs me too. It’s really unprofessional looking, especially when you’re switching to a new logo. Like you care enough to change the logo, but not that much.

Benjy 23 Sep 05

On the other hand, I think it’s really cool when old buildings leave the name of the original occupant carved above the door — this is especially common on old bank buildings. Like a little living history lesson.