Store locations plus a little something extra Jason 13 Nov 2005

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Guitar Center’s store locator not only gives you store locations, but also some other handy information:

Located at 2633 North Halsted on North Halsted, just South of Diversey. 32 parking spaces adj. to store. Lighted parking at night. Parking attendant.

Nice touches: Just south of Diversey, 32 parking spots, parking adjacent to store, lighted lot at night, and a parking attendant. Good stuff.

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BradNelson 13 Nov 05

I also like how the manager name is included on the store page.

But I don’t like how their state list is in rows instead of columns. It’s not intuitive.

Don Wilson 13 Nov 05

Actually, to make it intuitive, I would suggest making the map that they use clickable and have the list (as you suggested) below the map for added convenience.

Ed Knittel 13 Nov 05

Zip Code = 60625
Within 100 mile radius of Chicago, IL

Ahh, yes, please find a store for me within a 100 mile radius. That just seems crazy. Would anyone here actually ever travel 100 miles specifically for a particular store?

Oh, and what Don and Brad said.

Jomdom 13 Nov 05

Would anyone here actually ever travel 100 miles specifically for a particular store? - Ed Knittel

QFT! Especially since Guitar Center has an online presence through Musician’s Friend.

Never the less, I do like the little touches. Especially that they list upcoming events or that area under the store information.

NickD 13 Nov 05

Ed Knittel,
I talk to people from all over the US who are looking for the nearest services. People who do not live in the middle of thriving metropolises are used to driving 100 miles or more for some services. They understand that by living in rural areas, they may need to do this. Some may trips to the nearest big city every weekend to run errands. So, when you consider this, 100 mile radius is not that crazy.

Mike 13 Nov 05

As a musician, Guitarcenter is one of those types of places you DO drive 100 miles for… just for the fun of being able to play around on thousands of types of gear. No they may not always have the best deals, or the absolute best gear… but they certainly have the most. And a trip like that is fun in itself.

Mike 13 Nov 05

Sorry for the double-post… However, music gear (other than strings, parts, etc) is typically not stock-type gear, in that you will usually want to play with it before buying online.

Joshua Abbott 13 Nov 05

I would absolutely drive 100 miles to play a guitar before I dropped $2K on it. Not only would I, but I have! There are tons of guys like me that won’t buy the gear any other way, cuz that’s a LOT of money to spend and then find out, you don’t like the way the finish looks, or the neck on the guitar feels.

Franck 13 Nov 05

In another activity, have a look on this location finder made for Honda Germany. Click on “weiter” to access the interactive map:

what do you think of it?

Walker Hamilton 13 Nov 05



Also what’s with the crazy zoom in?
Oh, and once it’s zoomed in, I still have to zoom in if I want to use the map to click, there’s hundreds of the little icons all over the place.

I quit early, it was just too much, expecially when I’m just looking for the local dealership to get my oil filter replaced under warranty.

Gut Gen�g?

Phillip Harrington 13 Nov 05

I would drive 100 miles for a Guitar Center. Great places. Info on the parking lot is nice when you’re thinking about loading thou$and$ of dollars worth of equipment up in them.

MSF 13 Nov 05

That might be the best thing about GC. Off topic, really, but the several Chicago-area GCs that I frequented over the years were among my least favorite places to get anything other than strings.

For another take on locators and customer experience, here’s one from Tastykake that focuses on helping addicts (like me) find where a specific product is sold.

R. Koenig 14 Nov 05


Gotta go with Midwest Buy & Sell…

Josh Williams 14 Nov 05

It’s great info — especially as I’ve been to more than one Guitar Center that you would like to know has a lighted parking lot. Nothing like getting mugged for your Les Paul on the way to your car.

Adam A. 14 Nov 05

Would I drive 100 miles for a store? I have and will gladly again. Two places in particular are Jungle Jims in Cincinatti (think giant supermarket specializing in international food) and Ikea.

Ed Knittel 14 Nov 05

Wow. I had no idea. I do humbly stand corrected. As I have never been in a Guitar Center (for reasons being I would surely embarrass myself with what some might call “no musical talent to speak of”)

I can see and understand the reason of “try before you buy” when used in this context. I guess I just take for granted the close proximity of things to where I live and work. In my case IKEA is 18 miles away.

Now, what I just found interesting is that on IKEA’s website you can have a search radius of up to “1,000 miles”. If you say you would drive 1,000 miles for a store I would like to know what they offer at that store because I would surely want whatever it is they sell.

Scott 14 Nov 05

That is very smart. So often these places will just take their list of addresses and throw it at mapquest’s API. Then they’re lucky if they don’t actually mislead people where their store is.

BTW, are there any stores that don’t have lighted parking at night?

Jen 15 Nov 05

Meh. Too bad their marketing department doesn’t go by the “good experience” mantra. I’ve been trying for over a year to get off of their postal mailing list, and after 2 phone calls and 2 letters to their obsure “removal” postal address, still nothing. I will never shop at Guitar Center or Musicians Friend again for that very reason. grr.